Friday, 4 October 2013

Kickstarting Business: Mimi And Will

Creative Fridays, over at Life is Peachy Towers, usually consists of yummy recipes and crafty tutorials, made by my own hand! BUT, this Friday, I decided to shake things up a little bit with a piece about Mimi and Will - a very interesting new start-up business with a focus on independent design.  Wonderful stuff!

Mimi and Will is the brainchild of Jo and Katy, two entrepeneurs who both have their own Etsy stores, but came together to launch a brand of eco-friendly children's wear.  After meeting on the craft fair circuit in and around Glasgow, the two ladies continued to strike up a friendship and spend their (very limited) free time meeting up and brainstorming creative ideas and plans together.  The seed for Mimi and Will was eventually sewn through a simple text message from Katy to Jo, saying 'Kid's T-Shirts'!

Through Katy's struggles to purchase a screen-printed t-shirt for her toddler, the girls decided there was a gap in the market for this type of clothing; which was due to the risks and costs of mass-producing for small sizes.  Mimi and Will was going to be a brand that brought interesting designs to the children's clothing market, whilst championing the work of independent designers.

Once Katy and Jo had the go-ahead from several independent designers they knew, they found a UK-based company who sourced ethically-produced t-shirts as well as eco-friendly ink.  A few samples later, the early stages of the brand were complete and Mimi and Will were ready to be unleashed to the world.

Now, as a huge fan of Crowdfunding projects, I was really interested in how Mimi and Will has been set up as a Crowdfunding Start-Up, which runs until 9th October.  There are lots of perks on offer, if you decide to help out and get this wonderful brand on the go - including pre-order t-shirts.  Why not check out this campaign for yourself, where you can see some of the wonderful designs that will be on offer.  Mimi and Will have been attending several events with their sample tees and the feedback, so far, has been really positive.

What I think is so special about what Mimi and Will is trying to do, is the fact that it will serve as a great platform for independent designers and has to potential to really showcase new talent to a wider audience.  Finding clothes that are ethically sourced and produced is also a real selling point for Mimi and Will, the t-shirts will retail at £20 including p+p, not a bad price for one of these amazing, unique designs.

With just a few days left to help the project out, I really wish Jo and Katy the very best of luck with their campaign - though I'm assured they will be around whether they reach their target goal of £2000 or not.  To be kept up to date with the latest news and exclusives from Mimi and Will, be sure to follow them on Twitter, they have a great page over on Facebook, plus you can find them on my favourite thing ever at the mo Pinterest

They do, of course, have their own lovely Blog which is updated regularly with news and events.

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