Monday 13 January 2014

Hello Frugally Peachy....

Hi there...oooh you made it here...but I've sorta left! You can find me blogging all my creativity, money-saving, consumer psychological-ly life over at Frugally Peachy

2014 is the year I say goodbye to High Street shopping and hone my creativity to make a fabulous life with a handmade price tag! Why not come and join me???

Looking forward to seeing you... x


Tuesday 24 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to say a huge Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you who have read my blog and supported Life is Peachy, since its conception in June.  2013 has been one of the best, most topsy turvy years of my life - with the arrival of Little D and a huge lifestyle change for us all!

I've met some amazing small businesses, fellow bloggers and wonderful people and Life is Peachy has become more of a success than I could have imagined. I have loved challenging myself in the creative departments, setting up #CraftBlogClub for fellow crafty-minded tweeples and I hope I've created something interesting for you all to read!  It's been such a pleasure.

I've learnt so much from setting up Life is Peachy, but over the past few weeks I've been putting together an idea for a new blog - based on my Frugally Fabulous Year Challenge.  I feel I've done all I can with LIP, but my new venture Frugally Peachy, launches in January and promises to be a creative haven for people whose tastes veer less to the consumerist.  I hope you'll join me as I sack off the high street, in favour of developing my creativity and honing those upcycling, charity-shop rummaging skills for the Frugally Fabulous Year!  I'm excited to share my ideas and projects with you - it's a new direction for my blog, but the same old love for a handmade lifestyle!

There isn't much more to say at this stage - other than look out for the link to my new and exciting venture AND, of course, wishing you a very Merry Christmas indeed!!

Lots of love and Stay Crafty

Big E, Little D and all at Peachy HQ!  X

Review: Forever Living Aloe Cosmetics

In recent years, I've become increasingly interested in using environmentally-friendly cosmetics.  It must be something to do with almost the tipping the 30-point, but I'm always on the look out for cosmetics and brands that are non-abrasive on both the skin AND the environment!

So I was really excited to receive some products from Forever Living who, founded in 1978, are the largest grower and manufacturer of aloe vera and beehive products in the world.  Just taking a look at their website, they offer a whole range of products, from make-up, skincare and aromatherapy to supplements and products for your wellbeing.  Their aloe vera products all fall under the seal of approval from the International Aloe Science Council and their products are all grown using ecologically responsible procedures, that keep the aloe gel as pure as possible; from the leaf to the body.  Even before trialling the products, I knew I was in safe hands.

I received some great skincare products to try, as well as some aloe shampoo and toothgel - which promised whitening without the use of bleaching products.  Now for someone who guzzles as much tea as I do, this was potentially the Godsend I'd been dreaming of.  I was intrigued and excited to try all the products, but the toothgel was the first I tried.  The gel itself had a familiar toothpaste-mint taste and really freshened as a 'normal' fluoride toothpaste would.  I didn't see any immediate whitening effects, but I would definitely be willing to swap my regular paste, for this one.

I received some great skincare products from Forever Living, also, in my little selection.  The moisturisers left my skin feeling really soft and I loved the 'freshly scrubbed' feeling it gave me.  Unlike other skin products, the fragrance is pretty 'natural' and unperfumed, but I felt really fresh and healthy using these products and, whilst I'm very lucky with my skin hardly ever reacting unfavourably to products; I felt as if I was doing my skin some good using natural products.  The Aloe Vera Gelly, which you apply once you have cleansed, is a great product for sensitive skin and particularly recommended for conditions such as ezcema and psoriasis.  The gelly felt like an incredibly soft lubricant on my skin and was probably my stand out product of the ones I tried.  In my eyes, you can't beat a good moisturiser!

Overall, my trial of some of the Forever Living products on sale really heightened my interest in looking into more of the available range.  I loved the natural feeling of each product and, with issues such as chemicals, pesticide interference and, of course, animal-testing high on the tackling agenda in the beauty industry, it was lovely to work with a brand that is cruelty-free and quality-assured.  I was really impressed with each product and would be keen to use each one on a more permanent basis.  

A huge thank you to Nicola from Forever Living - who sent the products and who provided such great information about the company.  If you want to know more, why not check out the Website for yourself and treat yourself to some wonderful products for a healthier you in 2014?

Disclaimer: I was sent these Forever Living products to review for the purpose of this blog post, but all views and opinions are my own and are unbiased.

Sunday 22 December 2013

#CraftBlogClub: Christmas Secret Santa Challenge

Well patience really is a virtue! I can't tell you how busy I've been throughout December; gnome-ing, present-ing, generally tearing my hair out and driving the little one away from things she shouldn't touch/eat/look at.  It's been absolutely lovely but, as I'm sure everyone else has felt, December has run away with me and I'm now sat here, 3 days before Christmas, slightly disappointed at the lack of Christmas baking I've managed to do this year - but thankful for everything I HAVE managed to do!

I ran #CraftBlogClub pretty much every week throughout December - though everyone seemed to be rushed off their feet with work and projects (us crafty types like to put a lot on ourselves this time of year, don't we)?!  We talked a little about moving #CraftBlogClub forward and I'm so excited to start putting things in place - we have such a lovely community and I can't wait to see what 2014 brings for us all! 

In the meantime, I just HAD to share with you, the lovely gift I received from my Secret Santa!  The absolutely gorgeous Tamsyn from The Villa On Mount Pleasant was my Crafty Secret Buddy and I was OVER THE MOON to receive this absolutely gorgeous bag, complete with personalised tag!  

If you're not familiar with Tamsyn's blog, I strongly suggest you take a look at her innately gorgeous style, her taste for vintage and her eye for upcycling.  My lovely bag has all the stampings of Tamsyn's gorgeous work; I love the pastel colours she uses and I can't wait to traipse off for a cheeky coffee and a book-read with my lovely new bag! Thank you so much - I hope my Secret Santa gift is as much loved as mine is! 

Have you received your #CraftBlogClub Secret Santa gift yet? Why not link up your post below - I have really enjoyed hearing about some of the lovely crafty gifts that people have received and would love to share them with my readers!

Here's hoping everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

Stay Crafty!

E x Come Join Us

Monday 9 December 2013

Exciting Announcement: Midlands Bloggers Meet Up!

Well I'm making a brief return from my gnome-induced hiatus to tell you about a little meet-up I am organising with the fabulous Kelly from To Become Mum

Last month, I responded to one of Kelly's tweets asking about a blog meet up for Midlands Lifestyle and Mummy Bloggers, as this was something I had been on the look out for.  Well in true Emma-fashion, we decided to mastermind a meet-up ourselves AND I am proud to introduce the Midlands Bloggers Meet Up, which will be happening on Saturday February 22nd 2014.

The finer details are still to be confirmed, but it will take place in Nottingham and we will be updating attendees nearer the time.  The meet up will run from 11-3pm and will be a wonderful chance to meet other bloggers, enjoy a few treats and share ideas and discussions.  You are welcome bring your baby or come alone, we are working on a suitable event that will cater for lots of us and will be child-friendly also.

There will be goody bags for all attendees - so if you are reading this and are a fabulous Midlands-based brand, or know one who might want to get involved, we would love to have you on board!

If you would like to attend our meet up, please email either Kelly or myself to confirm and we will keep you updated with further info.  We are also using the hashtag #midsblogmeet on Twitter and would LOVE you to share this event with your followers - the more the merrier!

It will be a lovely way to make new friends and something to look forward to in the New Year, Kelly and I are hoping to put on a fantastic event and if you are Midlands-based, you'd be mad to miss out!  What are you waiting for?  Give myself ( or Kelly ( an email and reserve your place now!  

We look forward to seeing you in February!


Tuesday 19 November 2013

NaBloPoNO - A Little Ode to Blogger Burnout

So, I've been a little off grid recently, I'm sorry!  I hope this post goes some way to explain why.  When I decided to take on the #NaBloPoMo challenge, throughout November, I was excited to see if it would reignite some fresh ideas and exciting challenges for Life is Peachy.  Bloggers across the world enjoy taking part in a month long challenge of posting a blog everyday - aided by set prompts or using their own ideas.  Why not join in the fun?  So thought I...

In truth, I am in awe of anyone who can post on their blog every day!  I set about scheduling posts, following prompts and eager to write new and exciting posts about me.  I hope you've enjoyed reading little tidbits about my life, my past and my Bucket List!  But, whilst I think the spirit of the challenge is wonderful - I don't feel I can carry it on.

I'm writing this at the end of a very difficult week.  There have been very late nights, very early mornings, lots of knitting deadlines and a case of mild conjunctivitis for Little D which, as any parent will know, is most distressing.  So, perhaps, it wasn't really great timing to be throwing myself into posting every day - but then again, when is there ever a good time to do it?  I'm forever trying to catch up with emails, research, crafts, #CraftBlogClub, orders, Little D, Mr Peachy and, somewhere in there, a little bit of 'me' time.

Then again, I think perhaps partaking in this challenge has made me accept the very real existence of Blogger Burnout.  It is real, it is out there and I've finally had to accept that no person is capable of running a blog 365 days a year.  

I'm a list maker, an organiser, a forward-planner and I get incredibly excited about new ideas and projects to start.  It's been a real eye-opener of a year, having to adjust to the wondrous unpredictability of a baby; so dealing with day to day tasks can be somewhat testing. And when I didn't quite get that scheduled daily post out on time, or didn't have something planned for the following day - I started to panic.  Which took the fun out of my blog.  I worried that people would stop reading, I worried that my content wasn't as engaging as it should be, muted amongst other topics that I wouldn't perhaps have chosen to write about.  Then I worried that my worrying was coming across on my blog.  Then I stopped and had a sudden epiphany - who and what was I really writing this blog for??

For those of you who have read my blog from the start, Life is Peachy was originally set up to encourage and inspire new parents with finding their identities.  I feel so strongly about this and have forged my way into my new role as 'Mummy' whilst keeping an alarming amount of my own personality intact (alarming, only, as I was assured this wouldn't happen)!  But, it seems, in the 6 short months that I've been religiously writing this blog, it has grown and developed at such a pace, that I almost feel it is time to acknowledge a new direction and re-vamp my entire little web space to accommodate for something new.

I'm positive, always, but I'm also a worrier.  I worry that I don't craft enough right now to warrant running #CraftBlogClub, I worry that I'm running out of ideas and I worry that I have so little time to dedicate to each of my little projects at the moment that I am, sadly, suffering from an incredible case of burnout.  I have spent the last few days catching up with my gnomes, staying with my parents and nursing D back to fighting fit, but I can't ignore the constant whirring in my mind - when will I post this?  What will become of Life is Peachy?  Do I need to migrate to something newer, a clearer direction?  The answer to that last one is, yes.  I need to.  And I want everyone who enjoys reading my blog to continue following me as I am about to undertake some big changes and focus, A LOT MORE on my Frugally Fabulous Year Challenge.

I hope you don't mind, I'm breaking all the sacred blogging rules, I'm taking a little break - just 2 weeks, to get things straight and plan ahead for Christmas and beyond.  I wanted you to be the first to know this.  I'll be back, brimming and beaming again - but right now I need to think, research, be brave and be innovative.  And I guess, despite its difficulties, I have the wonder of #NaBloPoMo to thank for bringing it all to my attention!

Life is Peachy will return.....I look forward to seeing you then!

E x

Thursday 14 November 2013

#NaBloPoMo November 14th: The Big 30 Bucket List

There is absolutely no use in denying that next year, 2014, I will be turning 30! T.H.I.R.T.Y.  Strangely, though, I am quite looking forward to hitting the next decade.  When I think back to my early twenties, I shudder at the indecisiveness and the years I spent babbling through insecurities and finding my way in the big bad world!  There is something to be said for a contented nature, that really only comes with age (and some kind of strange wisdom), I hope to be even more of the person I am today when I hit my thirties.

Wistful musing aside, I thought I would write a bucket list of '30 Things to do Before I Turn 30'.  I have less than one year, that really isn't very long - but when have I ever been one to turn a challenge down?!

1. Finish the first draft of my Novel.
2. Learn to Dress Make - one of the bigger challenges in my Frugally Fabulous Year
3. Feature my work in a National Publication!
4. Bake an unrivalled cake for Daisy's First Birthday!
5. Take up driving lessons - of sorts - again.
6. Take Daisy to the beach.
7. Visit Whitby
8. Take a trip to Berlin
9.  NAIL baking Mince Pies
10. Complete one month of Blogging Every Day
11. Watch Doctor Zhivago (it's been sat in its cellophane wrapper for over a year)
12. Visit Sheffield (other than passing through, I've never stopped for a shop)!
13. Add to my Tattoo Collection
14. Design and make my Dream Garden Space.
15. Organise #CraftBlogClub meet up
16. Take a Family Camping Trip
17. Draw a Self Portrait
18. Finally go to see Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake LIVE!
19. Learn Amigurumi Crochet...hell, just learn to Crochet
20. Visit the Bronte House in Yorkshire
21. Collect and read the final books in Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles.
22. Have a Vampire Marathon - watch all my favourite Vamps in one day!
23. Enter a short story competition
24. Re-visit my old stomping grounds in London
25. Learn to Knit In The Round
26. Make Memory Bears from Daisy's first outfits
27. Take Daisy to White Post Farm
28. Upcycle my first BIG piece of Furniture
29. Organise a Twisted Tea Party for my 30th
30. Learn to make something with Polymer Clay

Have I missed anything?  What's on your bucket list??