Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Hodge Podge: Dinosaurs, Astronauts and Glow-in-the-Dark Goop: the 10 best baby sensory experiences!

So, Daisy turns 20 weeks this coming Thursday and I've noticed a steady increase in her demand to be constantly stimulated with new sights, sounds and textures.  I'm not one to break the bank with toys and gadgets and I am constantly looking for ways to entertain and educate her as she grows and becomes more interested in the world around her.

I am really excited to introduce Gude from Hodge Podge, who has written a guest post about the best sensory experiences for babies.  Her blog, as she will tell you, is dedicated to ideas for crafting with children and is a real inspiration - I can't wait to see what ideas she has for my little one!  So, for today, I will leave you in her capable hands as she counts down her top ten.

Hi, Im Gude from Hodge Podge, where I blog about crafting with, and for children.  I am so excited to be guest-posting here at Life is Peachy!Emma, a thousand thank yous for having me!  In keeping with Emmas philosophy of positive mother/parenthood and creative inspiration, I hope this post will encourage you to try some fun, simple, low-cost sensory experiences with your baby.
Do come and visit me at Hodge Podge or follow me on Twitter for more ideas HERE

Babies are adventurous little explorers and love to put anything and everything into their mouths its their way of discovering and learning about the world around them.  Food is therefore a common first sensory experience.  My boys (AKA Pickle, 2 and Chops, 1) have fed themselves real food since they moved on from milk and while Baby-Led Weaning is not for everyone (and makes a HECK of a lot of mess), it is utterly fascinating (and hilarious!) to watch babies discovering flavours like yoghurt, cherries, pasta bolognese and chicken and avocado for the first time

Another sensory experience, which is fantastic for even very young babies, is massage.  Anna at Little Lotus explains that baby massage can help ‘lower stress levels in the body and help unsettled babies relax increase body awareness and stimulate the nervous system.  Its also a really lovely way to bond with your baby.

So, if you
re keen to set up a more creative or unusual sensory experience for your baby, why not try one of the following ideas? 

1. Raspberry spaghetti from the Imagination Tree yum!
2. Space sensory tub from Totally Tots - Pickle would LOVE this!

3. Ice-play & painting at The Good Long Road - great for hot Summer days!
and a Giant dinosaur ice cube (wow, just wow!) from Crumb Bums 

4. Sensory bags (no mess!) from Growing a Jewelled Rose- the doyenne of sensory experience!

5. Wet newspaper from Hands On As We Grow – so quick, simple and easy!

6. Coloured & scented rice (tutorial) from Play Create Explore Chops would try to scoff this stuff, no doubt…

7. Beach in a box from Mama Pea Pod – I would love one of these myself in the garden!

8. Goop and Glowing Bubbles  another genius and original idea from Growing a Jewelled Rose.

9. Dinosaur sensory bin from Rubber Boots and Elf Shoes.  Older kids would enjoy this one too, right?

10. Flower sensory bottle (no mess!) from My Little 3 And Me how pretty is this?!

NOTE: Please dont ever leave your baby unsupervised during this kind of activity, especially those involving water.

Finally - be prepared that they may not enjoy the experience.  If they are frightened, or uncomfortable in any way, simply stop and try again when they are a little older. Pickle HATED sand until he was about 1, but he cant get enough of the stuff now!

Monday, 29 July 2013

Let Me Introduce...Scrapunzel

In my books, anyone who describes their Twitter location as 'Twirling in the Midlands' is someone I can get on board with.  Add to the mix a constant timeline of cheer and rainbow-coloured, unique designs and ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce Scrapunzel.

Scrapunzel, AKA Niccy, is a truly one of a kind designer, creating beautiful and original clothing that wouldn't look out of place on a fantasy film set. 
Think fairy tales, think Lord of the Rings and think ethereal; there you have a little slice of the Scrapunzel pie!

Growing up without a TV, Niccy developed a great love of crafting and learnt how to both construct and deconstruct garments.  A strong talent you might say, but it wasn't until researching the alternative clothing industry that she found she could bring a niche to the market.  Concerned with both the environment and the problems the industry faced with sizing, Scrapunzel was born - selling handmade festival style clothing to suit all.  And to top all that, she uses locally sourced fabric as much as she can.  Her designs are based on clothes that she likes to wear and how she likes to wear them, you can't get more honest than that for a clothing brand.

Just a browse at Scrapunzel's website is a joy!  There are plenty of rainbow colours, pointed hoods, flared skirts and rustic patchworks to feast your eyes on.  Everything about Scrapunzel's collections screams 'experimentation and nurture'; if I didn't know better I would almost believe these beautiful garments had grown and flourished themselves.

What I find most inspiring about Scrapunzel, aside from the fact that she clearly loves all things Scandinavian as much as I do, is that she is completely self-taught and has managed to develop such brilliant skills for her business.  Much like Vivienne Westwood, who is a huge inspiration for Scrapunzel, she has had no formal training has developed a unique and beautiful style in a very organic way. 

Check out Scrapunzel's website here --> 

Why not give her a follow on Twitter too to keep up with the latest news: @Scrapunzel 

Friday, 26 July 2013

Friday's Kitchen: Easiest Ever Chocolate Mousse

I love to make dinner for our friends!  I'm not one for huge soirees and canapes for 8, but there is nothing better than a couple of friends gathering around the dinner table and summing up their week over a traditional roast!

So, on Friday's Kitchen today, I thought I would share with you my foolproof recipe for chocolate mousse.  A sweet and light dessert for chocoholics everywhere who don't have time to whip up a time-consuming 'wow-factor' dessert!  This is guaranteed to work for you and your guests!  What's more?  There are only 5 ingredients needed - no need to break the bank!


50g Dark Chocolate (melted)
50g White Chocolate (melted)
2 Eggs (separated)
2 tbsp Caster Sugar
25g Butter (melted)

To create the bottom dark chocolate layer, separate one egg and put into two bowls.  Melt your dark chocolate over boiling water on the hob and add this to the egg yolk when melted.
In a separate saucepan , melt about half of your butter and add to the chocolate mix.

Whisk your egg white until they are thick and starting to form peaks.  Add the caster sugar to the egg white and continue to whisk until the mix is stiff and peaks easily.  Fold into the chocolate mixture until fully combined.  Pour into two decorative ramekins/glasses/dishes and place in the fridge.

Complete exactly the same method with your white chocolate.  When ready, remove your chilling dishes from the fridge and pour the white chocolate mixture over the top – return to the fridge for about 1-2 hours until ready to serve.

Servie with whipped cream or just on its own.  It works as a great base for adding more ingredients - a raspberry coulee, fresh fruit or a hint of hazlenut praline!

Have a wonderful weekend and, as ever, if you do give this recipe a go - why not upload your results on to the Facebook page HERE

E x

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

One Hell of a Peachy Liebster Award Nomination!

Well...I returned from my little jaunt with the parents in Somerset last week, to find that I had been nominated for my very first LIEBSTER AWARD!  YES!  A wonderful surprise, which left me very happy, after I had looked up exactly what a Liebster Award was, of course!

The Liebster award, though information on its origins are fuzzy, is an award for bloggers with less than 200 followers who are nominated in light of deserving recognition and encouragement for their blogging work and talent.  Liebster, the sweetest German word you ever did hear!

I was nominated by the lovely Beauty Blogger Elinor over at Little Red - I urge you to give her blog a read HERE lots of interesting beauty reviews, general thoughts and giveaways!  So she asked several questions to the bloggers that she nominated for her Liebster nominations and here are my answers!

1. Cat, Dog or Other Pet?
I'm a real animal lover but I'd have to go with a cat.  My family cat, Duffle, pictured here,
passed away in January 2012 after nearly 14 years and I absolutely adored him.  Dogs are incredibly loyal but I love the independence that cats exert and my old boy had a really loving personality! 

2. If you had to choose would you rather be blind or deaf?
Tough one really, I think I would go with blind as I'm not sure I could cope without hearing music, as I see music as a sort of sense. 

3. What life motto do you live by?
I live by two.  The first is 'Live Joyfully, Without Apology', which I have tattooed on my back.  Strangely these were just words that jumped out of an old Glamour article I once read, but I feel they really resonate with how I want to live my life and inspire others.

I also live by 'Fear Is The Cork That Bottles The Body', which was a great motto I learnt whilst studying Dance at University.  I apply it to everyday life and feel it makes me braver to try new things! 

4. Do you prefer reading fiction or non-fiction?
I do read both, but I would go with fiction.  I've been obsessed with books and stories
ever since I was a little girl (Chronicles of Narnia was my first real foray into fiction aged 4)!  I am also a novelist and am writing my first novel, which I hope to be published one day.  It is a fiction piece set in 1930s Berlin and i'm about half way through my first draft.  I love being taken on fantastic journeys in books - I love reading horror, fantasy and contemporary fiction that really makes you think.  One book I always recommend is 'The Gargoyle' by Andrew Jordan, as it is nothing like I have ever read before.  It also deals with ideas of reincarnation - which I am really interested in.

5. What’s your go to skin care routine?
Hmmm interesting one.  I have always cleansed, toned and moisturised every night since I was at secondary school.  I tend to stick to simple and effective brands that don't cost the earth but really work for me.  I also love using Soap and Glory scrubs every so often and I have a wonderful Neal's Yard face mask that is worth every penny!

As a huge foodie, I am really influenced by the eating habits of the French and Italian who eat lots of 'naughty' foods yet stay slim and beautiful!  If you drink lots of water, exercise, eat well and live life to the full, I believe it will show on the outside.

6. Chocolate or Vanilla?
I love both, but I think Vanilla is probably the one.  I'm a huge fan of putting vanilla extract in almost everything I bake.  I recently made this Neapolitan cake for my Birthday, see blog post HERE it was full of vanilla-ry goodness!  But then it had a chocolate layer too, so I guess I got the best of both worlds! 

7. Describe your personality in 3 words?
Quirky, Driven and Kind
8. What’s your chinese zodiac sign and does it describe you well?
I was born in the year of the Rat and I think it sums me up in part.  I'm very tidy and organised and refuse to be influenced by others - I prefer to think and make decisions for myself.  I don't see myself as particularly materialistic and, whilst I'm driven, I don't think I only work for success.  I believe in a good work/life balance and am happy as long as my home life is!

9. Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate?
Tea, every time!  I am sat with a huge mug of it as I write this!  I love all types of tea, especially Chai and Moroccan Mint!  Though I am very partial to a hot chocolate and I love making my own Chai Tea Lattes! 

And now, as is Liebster tradition, it's my turn to nominate some bloggers who I really think are deserving of this award.  Some of my nominees may have already been nominated, but I've chosen a broad spectrum of newbie bloggers whose blogs I thoroughly enjoy reading!  To gain your award, all you need to do is answer my questions, link me in to your post, then choose between 5 and 11 other bloggers to pass this accolade onto, then create 10 questions for them to answer!  The lucky ones are....

Gillian -
Victoria -
Bethany - 
Jasmine -
Gude - 
Emily -
Kelly -
Sophie -
Steph - 
Emma -
And here are your questions!

1. What inspired you to start blogging?
2. Stand out moment of 2013 so far?
3. What is your horoscope sign and do you think it relates to your character?
4. Do you have a geek-girl passion?  If so, what is it?
5. What has been your favourite blog post so far?
6. The Beatles or Rolling Stones?
7. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
8. Baz Luhrmann - love him or hate him?
9. What is your life's motto?
10. What one piece of advice would you give your younger self?

That's it, let's get this Liebster show on the road!  A huge thank you to Elinor for my nomination and a big wave to my nominees!

Monday, 22 July 2013

Let Me Introduce...Crafty Lil' Lel

Well, wedding fever is riding high at the moment (no, not my own); as my Best Friend is due to get wed next year and the planning HAS commenced!  I take my role as chief bridesmaid very seriously - so it was lovely to come across a small business, which has grown from the owner's own creativity, when it came to putting her wedding together.  Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce...Crafty Lil' Lel.

Crafty Lil' Lel, or Lesley Pamphilon Fox as she is known to her friends, dreamt up her card business after planning her own DIY wedding.  As Lesley and her beau were paying for their big day themselves, Lesley handmade as much as she could to make the day as affordable as she could. 

This set off her brainwave of creating beautiful, unique and affordable handmade cards, bags and gift tags for the masses.  Not one to be deterred from her already busy workload (Lesley helps to run the family business by day), she very much endorses her tagline 'where every card has its day', by creating designs for more unusual occasions from Twin Birthdays to Thank Yous for Teachers, something she feels we don't see enough of in the the commercial card market.

Taking her inspiration from magazines as well as ideas from her younger siblings, Lesley creates individual designs and never makes the same design twice.  She says whilst it is hard to pick out a best seller, her butterfly designs (much like the button butterfly opposite) are hugely popular, as everyone of any age loves to receive butterflies!  The most important ethos that she has built her business by, is ensuring that she creates cards that she would buy, therefore, appealing to a like-minded customer base.  Her latest collection, named 'Lel's Buttoned It', features a collection of designs with buttons.  Like this lovely card for a teacher.  After the success of her button-themed Christmas cards, this new collection revives her button designs in a new, colourful and unique way.


Whilst she enjoys running her card business and is proud to have seen it grow from its humble beginnings, Lesley says life as a small business owner can be challenging, often she works full weekends at craft fairs and this can leave little time for her social life.  Things don't seem to be slowing down though, as Lesley's cards have just been accepted to be sold in Realitas, a shop in Peterborough and she has plans to have her lovely creations sold in more independent retailers too!  No rest for the wicked, indeed!

If you are in need of cards, why not pop over to Lesley's site here --> and why not head over and give her Facebook page a like too, to be kept up to date with her latest designs and events, here -->

Crafty Lil' Lel can also be found on Twitter

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Friday's Kitchen: Ginger Beer Coolers

At the risk of being hounded by the vast majority of sun-worshippers, I have to say I'm not massively enjoying this heatwave!  I'm very much an Autumn and Winter girl, the clothes, the leaves, the snow and, of course, Christmas.  Holidays in the past have consisted of scraping pathetic hour-long sunbathing sessions before needing to slope off into the shade and recover.   Plus it doesn't suit my wannabe-Dita skin!

Needless to say, it looks like Summer is well and truly here and I've been experimenting with cooling drinks to help me cope with this heat!  Introducing my very own Ginger Beer Cooler...

I love ginger and I love spice.  During the early stages of my pregnancy, I was guzzling Old Jamaica by the gallon and munching on ginger nuts like there was no tomorrow.  This homemade ginger beer recipe has a strong ginger kick mixed with a sweet and sharp lemonade taste.  Perfect for an afternoon BBQ or a lazy picnic.

Ingredients: (to make approx 2 litres of Ginger Beer)
150g Fresh Ginger (chopped and skin on)
2 Lemons
3-4 Whole Cloves
4 Tbsps Demerara/Muscovado Sugar
2 Litre Bottle of Sparkling Mineral Water

In a mixing bowl, place your chopped ginger (I always leave the skin on for extra flavour) and add the sugar.  Mix together a little.

Next, using a vegetable peeler, peel the rind from both lemons and add to ginger.  Add in the cloves.  Using the end of a rolling pin, mash the rind and ginger together to release the juices, for about 30 seconds.  Squeeze the juice from both the lemons and add to the ginger mixture. stira little and leave to sit for 10 minutes or so.

Once ready, taste test the mixture and add more sugar or lemon juice where necessary.  Add your spring water and mix.  Pour into a serving jug (I always keep the ingredients in to make sure the flavour stays fresh and sharp, but you can remove by pouring through a sieve).

Serve over ice with a sprig of mint (gnome is optional)!  Enjoy your sunny afternoon!

Throughout August my recipe posts will all be based on a 'Change One Thing' theme to really challenge my baking and cooking skills and encourage healthier eating.  If you are a blogger and would like to link up your recipe ideas with this theme, please email me at

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Kickstarting Business: HandmadeHour

For those Twitterites amongst you who read Life is Peachy regularly, you may be aware or even have taken part in the awesome #handmadehour hashtag session.  Every Wednesday between 7.30 and 9.30pm, the crafting cream of British crop gather together to tweet their wares and show support for handmade businesses up and down the country.  It really is an inspiring hour, I've already met lots of really talented people - many of whom have appeared or are due to appear on the blog soon.  Plus, it will be my go to twitter account for help marketing my crafts when I set up my shop, to run alongside Life is Peachy, in the coming months.

But the creator of HandmadeHour, the lovely Owen Birkby, has gone one step further and has set up a crowdfunding campaign to launch a website promoting handmade businesses and he needs YOU!

What had started out as providing help for small businesses on a budget, when Owen's wife started up her own business Neverland Creations, Owen helped to market the business through Facebook and, today, the business continues to grow successfully.  Owen set up his social media management company, SocialHighs, from this experience and then Handmade Hour became another platform to support small businesses on Twitter.  The gap in the market, it seemed, was an easy marketing platform for people who dreamt of turning their hobbies into businesses, but were short on time.

Cut to 2013, Owen and his handmade accomplice, Becky Doggett, have decided to set up a crowdfunding campaign to create a website space for handmade businesses to showcase their products and a hub for resourcing relevant support and advice.  There are plans in the pipeline for membership deals and events - but Owen does keep schtumm about some things, after all, it is very early days.  On the back of HandmadeHour's twittering success, they already have an ever-growing list of retailers looking to stock handmade products, not to mention the thousands of Twitter followers who may be one step closer to making their dreams a reality.

And it doesn't stop there.  Owen and his HandmadeHour team are looking to bring deals from all over.  They are currently negotiating with a PR firm for a cracking percentage off deal and they have already agreed a deal with @Popupstall for businesses to have 50% off room hire so they can run their own workshops!  It is early days, but they are looking to do more with other businesses to bring similar deals both within the business sector and outside! 

Need to hear any more?  Let me leave you in the company of Owen himself, who had this to say:

     "We do not have the funds to pay for the website ourselves.  We're not in this for the money, we want something that is beneficial for the small and handmade businesses that use it.  We're just working really hard now to raise the funds through membership sales and advertising sales.  We're working around the clock with business partners to negotiate some pretty fantastic deals.  We really appreciate all the support, both financial and words of encouragement that we have received so far but there is still a lot of work for us to do.  We are determined to make this a reality and help support all the amazing talent that there is out there!"

For more information on Owen and Becky's campaign follow the link here --> 

For an array of wonderful handmade businesses why not give @HandmadeHour a follow on Twitter and get involved with the Wednesday hashtag #handmadehour to find out more.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

We Are Delish! A Cake Pop Tutorial

I first came across Neli, of the wonderful Delish Cake Pops fame, at a craft fayre we were both trading at, in Beeston last year.  Her stall truly resembled that of a child's Willy Wonka-fantasy shop - gorgeous brownies, chunky homemade marshmallows and hundreds upon hundreds of colourful cake pops.  So when I set this blog up, I approached Neli to see if she would be up for doing a tutorial with me about making these little balls of heaven, and she was more than happy to teach me the basics! 

Neli has been running Delish for 2 years, a successful sideline to her day job, which often means she is travelling around the world.  She was originally inspired by the POP Bakery, the home of the English Cake Pop, and has brought her inspiration to Nottingham and the surrounding areas.  I have lost count of the times I have ogled her Instagram with wonderful pictures of candy-pink cakes, themed cake pops and delicious marshmallow treats.  So to get into the workings of Delish was really something quite special for me!

Ingredients for Cake Pops
A baked 9 inch sponge - chocolate or otherwise
A small amount of frosting
Coloured Candy Melts - available from suppliers or online
Plastic Sticks - Neli prefers plastic to wooden 
Confectioner's Glaze and Paints for decorating small details.

To begin, Neli had prepared the cake pops, by baking a 9 inch sponge, allowing it to cool and crumbling the cake in frosting, rolling by hand to create ball shapes.

Once this was completed, we had two coloured candy melts and microwaved for 4 minutes on a low heat, to avoid burning.  You can also melt these on a hob but they will take a lot longer.  We checked their consistency half way through warming, to make sure they weren't too stodgy.  If this happens, it is best to add a bit of vegetable oil to soften the melts up.  Once the melts have the consistency of soft, melted chocolate (which is essentially what they are), you are ready to begin decorating!

In the spirit of the blog, I wanted to try making little peach cake pops, so we popped our cake balls on to their plastic sticks and dipped, making sure the whole ball was covered, in the yellow, then placing on a polystyrene tray to dry off.  Once dry enough (after about 5 -10 minutes) we dipped again in the orange - double dipping is very important to make sure there are no holes and that you have an even coverage on each pop.  

Once our second layer was dry, we were ready to decorate!  Using edible paint, Neli painted on some delicate leaves on the top.  But why stop at round shaped objects?  I got a sneaky peek at how to shape and make a Russian Doll too?  The overall effect was beautiful - tasty, moist cakes and fun decorating!  Perfect for occasions, wedding favours, the list is endless!  I had so much fun with Neli, I'm hoping she might set up cake pop workshops again and if she does I can thoroughly recommend them!

Want to find out more?  Visit Neli's website to see some of her wonderful work, or get in touch to discuss a possible order - she loves to be challenged AND offers Mail Orders too! The website address is here -->

Why not give her Facebook page a like too? Here -->
And her Twitter timeline is often mouthwatering! @wearedelish

Are you a small business?  Do you have a craft you would like to give me a tutorial on?  I would love to hear from you!  Email

Friday, 12 July 2013

Friday's Kitchen: Peachy's Afternoon Delights

It has long been said that the most covetable recipe in all the land is that of the classic scone.  Well, if that's not a first world problem, then I don't know what is.  So i've yet to perfect my recipe but, after tinkering about in the kitchen, I came up with a sweet afternoon biscuit alternative to a scone - introducing Peachy's Afternoon Delights!

These sweet, soft vanilla biscuits are a contemporary and quick alternative to the coveted scone, the recipe is quick - just 15 minutes to prepare, 5 to chill and about 15-18 minutes in the oven.  They have a distinct sweet and buttery taste and are best served warm with splodges of cream and jam.  If you find you have guests to entertain at short notice, these little biscuits are a simple way to rustle up an afternoon tea treat!

Ingredients: (to make 8 medium sized biscuits)
215g Self Raising Flour
80g Caster Sugar
125g Cold Butter
1 tsp Vanilla Essence
1 tsp Baking Powder
3 tbsp Semi Skimmed Milk
Pinch of Salt

In a bowl, mix the butter (cubed), sugar and vanilla essence until combined and soft.  Sift half of the flour in and continue to mix until the flour is combined.  The mixture will feel hard at this point.  Add the milk and mix until soft.

Sift the remaining flour into the mix and continue to mix.  When the mixture gets too hard to mix with a wooden spoon, add a dusting of flour and use your hands to knead the mixture until smooth, roll into a ball and remove from the bowl.  Meanwhile, preheat the oven to 160 C

On a lightly dusted service, roll out your biscuit dough carefully with a rolling pin, until it is about 1 cm thick.  Using cutters of your choice (I use traditional shapes for these), cut 8 biscuits from the dough and place on a greased and lined baking tray.  You can give the biscuits a light flour dust and I used a daisy press cutter to decorate the tops.  Pop the biscuits in the fridge for 5-10 minutes.

Use stamp of your choice

Once lightly chilled, place in the oven for 15-18 minutes until the biscuits are crumbly and brown, but not too hard.  Leave to cool for a few minutes on a wire rack.  Place on a plate, topped with clotted cream and spoonfuls of jam...serve and enjoy!

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Hans Zimmer Meets Pop Rock: The Barnum Meserve

The Barnum Meserve, a three piece pop/rock band from Nottingham, have kept their latest album release very close to their chests of late - so when I was given exclusive access to their new album, I jumped at the chance to review it.

The Barnum Meserve consist of Leon Wiley, Dylan Griffiths and Paul Moss-Pearce and, whilst I can probably make several comparisons to rock/pop and tuneful metal acts of the past; they have a very distinct and haunting sound that certainly wouldn't sound out of place in a stadium or arena.  I, however, had the pleasure of catching them live last year when they shared the bill in a small Derby venue with my beau.  I really enjoyed their performance, but the album brings their songs to life with beautiful use of orchestra accompaniment, soaring introductions (War Games was an instant favourite of mine) and the musical fullness of each song was something to really take in.

The tracks 'Open Up Your Eyes' and 'Colours' were real stand out tracks for me.  Wiley's strong and definite vocals really tear at the piano melodies whilst the subtle harmonies and quiet moments weave in seamlessly.  The Barnum Meserve hit you with the power and passion of musical outfits like Dry The River (my faves) and combine Wiley's full throttle angry vocals and haunting melodies like very early Evanescence or later, more commercial Nine Inch Nails.  If you like your metal with melody, your rock with rhythm and your punk with passion, The Barnum Meserve are for you.

All in all, the entire album has been carefully crafted to showcase The Barnum Meserve in their very best and most comfortable light.  There are moments where you feel as if you are listening to an epic film sountrack, others where you could be kicking back at Download festival.  Either way, these guys are crying out to be heard in a stadium and this album may just bring them the international acclaim they so long for.

You can catch the Barnum Meserve, if you're lucky enough to live in Nottingham, tomorrow night (July 12th) performing at The Rescue Rooms.  Information on the gig is here -->

For more information on The Barnum Meserve, check out their website here -->

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Kickstarting Business: Waffly Nice

Kickstarters and Crowdfunding projects are of the utmost interest to me.  I think it's a fantastic way of the public getting involved with starting up and sponsoring small businesses and really gives that sense of community I so long for!  I am currently in the early stages of planning a Crowdfunding project myself - information on that to follow in a few weeks!

As a major foodie, how could I not dedicate a post to the lovely Sam and Liz, of Waffly Nice, who emailed me with details of their Crowdfunding project for their food project?  The lovely couple, pictured here,
are big fans of creative food and had a dream to share their passion and creativity with their hometown community of Canterbury, not to mention, the world!  Encouraged by friends and family, they decided to unleash their ideas for a waffle van to dominate soggy sandwiches and boring lunches!  Unfortunately, due to a lack of funding opportunities in the United Kingdom, they decided to turn to the idea of Crowdfunding to raise money for their outside eaterie, Waffly Nice.  I love food, I love waffles and I love communities - these people might as well by my new best friends!  I urge you to take a moment to read about Waffly Nice's Crowdfunding Project here -

What really struck me, when talking with Liz, was the 'food with a conscience' ethos that both her and Sam seem to share in their business.
Whilst the pair dream big, a fleet of waffle vans here, a friendly waffle cafe there, a dreamy cookbook to top it all; they are conscious of the impact they want to have on society and have pledged not only 10% of their profits, but also as much time as they can spare to a local charity.  They want their potential investors to be just that, investors in their business who retain some sort of power over the direction the business eventually takes; helping to shape its long-term future and, most importantly, contributing to the local community.  I have it on good authority that 'badass merchandise' will also be in plentiful supply to Waffly Nice's investors.  Need I say more?

Having overcome many obstacles, Waffly Nice still needs OUR support and has recently just relaunched.  Waffly Nice has received lots of local interest, but need to raise funds for materials, equipment, set up of the Waffly Nice website and a marketing campaign.  I have been given exclusive rights to publish this mock-up of the proposed van - soon to be hitting a market square near you.
So do not delay in giving a little of your support where you can - help the lovely Waffly Nice guys fulfil their dreams and give back to their community!

Follow Waffly Nice on Twitter for regular updates @WafflyNice

Do you have a campaign or Kickstarter project you would like to be featured on Life is Peachy?  I would love to hear from you!  Email