Tuesday, 22 October 2013

#CraftBlogClub: Crafty DIY SOS #Mk2

So, here we are, another #CraftBlogClub done and dusted and it seems we are getting busier again! 

It's been lovely to watch our Twitter chat hour grow and so nice to see everyone joining in and helping out this evening with retweets and advice.  As I always say, one of the main reasons I set up #CraftBlogClub was to create a hub of creatives, who could all encourage and support each other.  It's lovely to see that taking shape - I hope you all enjoy joining in as much as I do!

As we are just one week away from our HALLOWEEN CHALLENGE REVEAL; I thought it would be good to do another Crafty DIY SOS!  We did one of these a few weeks ago, before our September Challenge reveal and it was nice to get some great feedback and help on issues our crafty creatives were having.  This week, however, it seems the main issues lies with your truly!!! Yup, as host of #CraftBlogClub, I'm yet to get my behind in gear to get to grips with crochet and create my Halloween challenge!  Needless to say, help was very much out there tonight - so thank you for your help, it's off to YouTube I head in a bit!

Aside from that - we had bunting and binding issues and even started to touch on Etsy selling and pricing your goods.  This is a topic suggested to me to cover - although I still stress that #CraftBlogClub isn't about selling your wares, it seems inevitable that we want to talk about pricing your handmade items and getting out into the big bad handmade marketplace!  I've scheduled this in to talk about at the start of November - I hope you will all join in with your queries and advice!

In Other News...

The lovely Sonia from LAYOUTLINES is hosting a fabulous giveaway this month with some fab Halloween prizes! All you need to do is tweet a picture of a pumpkin you have carved by Thursday 31st October, to be in with a chance of winning - and the competition is open internationally too! Don't delay - get your carving knives out! 

Amanda from Gift Frippery is also still hosting her #FripperyFriday competition weekly, up until Christmas - with prizes up for grabs! Simply tweet a picture of a gift you have wrapped and she will pick out a winner!

A while back, I mentioned an idea Amanda Frippery and myself had discussed about swapping 'virtual' Christmas presents between members of the #CraftBlogClub.  I didn't hear much feedback about this, but wondered if anyone would be up for a Christmassy challenge to see us through November and December?? We could even do a handmade Secret Santa?? Let me know if you are interested and we will look further into what would work! 


As ever, I love reading your blogs and like to highlight a few each week that I have really enjoyed reading!

First off...Emma over at Emma Made makes some incredible projects on her lovely blog - but this Ripple Blanket completely blew me away.  Amazing work by a very talented lady! Take a look!

Not that I'm name-biased or anything, but I am in awe of the skills of the lovely Emma Ross over at Girl In Knits and this is the cutest little clutch I have seen! Check out Emma's lovely work!

Finally, for this week, I wanted to give a shout out to the wonderful Tamsyn over at The Villa on Mount Pleasant, who was recently featured in Homemaker magazine.  Tamsyn's blog is really beautiful and inspires lots of creativity on the interiors front - her notebook on our challenge was really beautiful too!

I think that's about it from me this week, next week is THE BIG REVEAL!  I'm so excited to see everyone's posts and results! I'm off to amaze you all with my Halloween project!

Stay Crafty! E x



Thanks so much for the mention, I can't believe you posted, you're a blogging and crafting machine!! Thanks and have a great rest of the week xx

Emma Made said...

Emma, thank you so much!

I am so touched by your lovely, but unexpected comment about my blanket :-)

kate said...

Sorry I've missed the last couple of weeks (new baby and all that jazz) really enjoy reading the round ups though :)