Monday 28 October 2013

Let Me Introduce....Naisy

This month, we seem to have had a bit of an 'interiors theme', with Old Farm Interiors featured at the beginning of the month, followed by today's fantastic small business feature.  Ladies and Gentlemen allow me to introduce, Naisy!

Naisy, a handmade interiors brand, is the alias of it's crafty creator Nai Lodge.  Her wonderfully bright and happy brand, named after her nickname since forever
(she loves Daisies - a wise choice), was born from a love of making cards for friends and family ever since she could pick up a pencil.  After some cajoling from impressed friends, including the lovely Vicky from This is Lullaby, and in her final year at Music college, Nai set to work on the sewing machine, creating some of the Naisy masterpieces she is selling today!

Just one look at Naisy's website, you can spot her main source of inspiration immediately.  Houses.  Lots of houses! Naomi uses collage and applique techniques to create cute, house-shaped decor such as these gorgeous keyrings and doorstops.  As a proud home-maker herself, Nai remains very inspired by her upbringing in the Cotswolds, where no two houses are the same to look at.  In Naisy's designs, the attention really is in the detail, she wants to provide something that will brighten up your home in a unique way.

If you live in and around the Manchester area, you may well have seen Naisy's goods at local craft markets, though you can find Nai on Etsy too.  Naisy's best sellers, at the moment, are these lovely handmade greetings cards; their simple sewn designs are really special.  Nai's favourite products to make are her custom embroidered house pictures; to order, you simply send a picture of the house in question and Nai does her thing to transform it into a beautiful replica.
  One of Naisy's real stand-out products, for me, is the 'New Home' gift pack - the customer can choose a card and house keyring to be sent to the new home owner's abode, with a personalised message.  These make perfect, unique gifts for friends and family and Naomi's even had lovely customer feedback, saying they had trouble parting with her lovely items.

As a start-up business, Nai's short term plans are to expand her collection with new product ideas and work with introducing a new technique she has mastered, free-motion embroidery.  She loves the thought of creating embroidered artwork to sit in the homes of many.  For now, Nai is happy building a customer base for Naisy and continuing to sell through her online shop and at local events.

In short, if you are looking for a unique or bespoke gift, Naisy's products are perfect for all occasions.  Everything has been created with such care and attention, that it seems as if a little bit of Nai's bright personality comes with her products!  Don't delay in taking a peek at what she has to offer today!

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