Wednesday, 16 October 2013

#CraftBlogClub: Learning A New Craft

I should definitely start by apologising for how late this post is going out - multi-tasking is actually a forte of mine, being that I held last night's #CraftBlogClub in the midst of packing up a car in a power cut - but I had to deal with the unpredictability of putting the babe to bed in an unfamiliar surrounding last night and, safe to say, it did not go too well!

As usual, #CraftBlogClub was full of interesting conversations and some sneak peeks of WIPs for this month's project!  I decided we should discuss learning new craft methods as, after all, the aim is to try something shiny and new for October and create a Halloween themed decoration from it!  Learning a new craft can be quite the's what the #CraftBlogClub massive thought!

1. Worship At The Altar of YouTube - Most of us confessed that, when it came to the mots efficient method of learning a new craft, YouTube always came out on top.  It seems we are a very visually-stimulated crafty bunch who like nothing more than trawling through the thousands of useful tutorials, to get us started on new projects and methods.  The power of learning through video, in my opinion, is the ability to film some of the intricate and complicated stages that picture books and written paragraphs couldn't explain so easily - plus the pause button always helps!
2. Don't Underestimate The Power of Tradition - Having said that, many of us seemed to agree that you can't beat a bit of tradition, when you're searching for new craft methods to learn - a lot of us looked to old craft books for both inspiration and tutorials.  A few of us also seemed to hoard the most AMAZING amount of craft books - @BeekneeHoonies I'm talking about you and your wonderful stash!  I'm a huge fan of craft books and, even if I don't tend to follow patterns directly, they can be a great source of inspiration for upcoming projects.  Not to mention some of the older books are great at giving clearly written and simply put tutorials.
3. If In Doubt...Ask - Part of the reason behind forming the #CraftBlogClub network, for me, was to form a group of individuals who could help, encourage and support each other, in a crafting sense.  It's great to be able to ask someone for help or clarity if you can. 
4. Learn Traditionally...Blog Unique - We raised the really interesting point of creating unique items from the methods you have taught yourself, but never be afraid to show something new or even try an amalgamation of techniques to keep things fresh on your craft blog - thinking outside the box can really set you apart from everyone else!
5. Self-Teaching RULES - As much as it can be great to go and join a class to learn something new, not to mention great to meet new and exciting, like-minded crafty types; expense can often mean we look to the discipline of self-teaching to help us learn and develop our skills.  Why not utilise the plethora of free videos and wondrous internet crafty caverns to teach yourself something new?

Just a short one this week...I'm keen to get this published and am running on my parents' gerbil-powered internet! Next week, we shall have a second Crafty DIY SOS - a chance to run through any issues we might be having with our projects before THE BIG REVEAL of our October challenge the week after!

Until next week...

Stay Crafty!

E x


Joanna Henley said...

Ooh please give me a shout next week! @ojosworld I've just started learning a new craft, embroidery, and I'm loving it x

Emma Berry said...

Certainly will Jo! Would be lovely to have you along! X