Thursday, 14 November 2013

#NaBloPoMo November 13th: #CraftBlogClub 'Countdown to Festivities'

Well this is incredibly late going out...but here, I have a valid reason!  I've been juggling some of my gnome orders with a bit of a poorly babes this week - winter truly is hitting us hard, it seems!  It really is incredible what you can do with limited sleep and a lot of determination isn't it!

So Tuesday night, we had a rather relaxed #CraftBlogClub chat, where I decided it was high time that we talked about THE BIG C!  What with the names and addresses now officially out for our Secret Santa challenge, it's been at the forefront of our minds!

It was so lovely to see some new people joining in the tweets and we mostly chatted about our plans for homemade Christmas gifts and our 'staple' products!  I'm quite accustomed to making shortbread for family and friends and I'm clearly not the only one who enjoys making yummy treats to give as gifts.  We shared some amazing ideas for delicious fudge and treat hampers.  It seems us crafty lot are, as ever, in a quandry with what to make, how to make and just how much we can fit in between now and the big day!

So how do we manage our time??
Well, if you're like me, then pretty badly, it seems at times!  There were some great ideas flying around - calendars and lists are always favourite, but t'is the season to be busy and at this time of the year, particularly for those crafters who run a business too, there simply are not enough hours in the week!

I think we left the conversation (which now officially runs from 7-8.30pm), feeling a little festive and excited for the upcoming season!  I hope you're all excited about our Secret Santa challenge and I am sorry to those who missed out - if enough people decide they want to be involved, I'm happy to pair more people up!  

Right...just a quick one this week, I'm off to catch up with everything else and start planning my Secret Santa surprise!

Stay Crafty!

E x 

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