Sunday, 3 November 2013

#NaBloPoMo November 3rd: Danishes and Dracula

Well, we are onto day 3 of #NaBloPoMo and this post is VERY late today!  Partly because I wasn't sure what to write about or how to interpret the prompt in pure 'Life is Peachy' style.  But partly because my 8 month old is now crawling...and anyone who has a crawling baby will know, most of my day is spent removing her from areas she shouldn't be in, around things she shouldn't touch!

The lovely Vonnie over at Nowt Special set a suitably autumnal prompt about jumping in puddles or leaf piles; so I thought I would do The Week That Was Instagrammed - the first of this post theme for me and, as a great form of social media, also a HUGE guilty pleasure.  I hope you enjoy!!


This week I've really noticed a lot of changes in Daisy's developments.  She is now fully crawling and, with that, her interraction is getting stronger and her strong-willed nature is really starting to show through!  We spent Wednesday with Daisy's Nana and Aunty Debbie and she was enthralled with the birds on show at a local garden centre!

It's been a great week for creativity too - I've been beavering away with my gnome orders and on Monday, I made my first batch of Lamingtons, an Australian delight made from vanilla sponge, chocolate and coconut. They were gorgeous, but slipped a little too easily into the mouth too! I used a simple recipe from Fay Ripley's book - they were quick to make and take about 45 minutes in the oven to bake.  They got the official seal of approval from My OH (chief-taster) and my bestie!

We also launched our Halloween projects over at #CraftBlogClub - and I introduced Lestat the Bat!  A little felt creature I managed to put together, with amazing help from my boyfriend - when I had to admit defeat with teaching myself crochet! There have been some amazing projects linked up this week and the link is open for another couple of days - so please join in and link your #CraftBlogClub challenges up!

Lestat the Bat!

Our Halloween was quiet this year - Mr P was out playing a gig and Daisy seems a little too young for trick or treating (something I never did as a child). 
We took a lovely walk to our park - it was wonderful to see the seasons changing again and I didn't dress up, though from some of the looks we got, you'd have thought I had!  By the way - I'm sporting my new velvet dress - a mere 99p from eBay and a new plum lipstick purchase! A change from my staple red - but I like this darker lip for winter !
I spent the evening with my friend's Amanda's pumpkin carving, my knitting bag, some yummy pastries and even yummier Jonathan Rhys Meyers in the new Dracula programme!  I'm undecided on the programme, as I'm a die-hard Stoker fan, but I'm willing to keep watching - can't imagine why!!

Fancy a bite, Baby?




Lucinda Turner said...

Gutted I missed Dracula (JRM really!) iHadnt heard any views on it till reading your post :)

Anonymous said...

I watched Dracula and turned off after 40 minutes. I found it quite slow with not a great script ( thought I'm probably unfairly comparing it to every other Dracula film I've seen). Shame as I had high expectations.

Emma Berry said...

Well to be honest he's the only reason I will watch it! Its quite cheesy but entertaining!!! It seems the British hate it and the Americans are mad for it! X

Emma Berry said...

I think to be honest I enjoyed it for all the wrong reasons! It doesn't hold a candle to previous versions, Sofia Coppola's in particular, and I absolutely love the story.I think its playing to a growing up twi-hard audience....the man candy kept me interested!!! X

Ellen Arnison said...

I've just started watching the Dracula and I haven't made up my mind either.
And I love the little bat.

Vonnie said...

The hands-down best blog for teaching yourself crochet is Attic24 - - have a wee look if you haven't already.

Love the wee bat! x