Monday, 4 November 2013

#NaBloPoMo November 4th: Hello Winter!

Winter, despite its unpredictable weather and turn of bad bugs tearing around the place, is my absolute favourite time of year.  As you can probably guess from my photos, I'm no sun-worshipper, for me, there is nothing better than cosying up on the sofa with a spicy chai latte, or taking trudging walks through the snow.  I have always loved Winter and, of course, Christmas, and this year I am really looking forward to the holiday season; as it's my first with Miss D AND for the first time in about ten years, I won't be at work for it!

So what does November hold for me at Life is Peachy towers this month...

You Used To Be My Gnomeo.... 
This month sees the final batch of my handmade knitted gnomes going out to their new homes, ready to see in the festive season, Swedish Yuletide style!  I have been so overwhelmed with the response to these little guys and I'm looking forward to making more in the future.  November will also see me start to finalise and make some more products ready to launch, finally, Peach and Daisy, my craft store.  Expect traditional gifts with a twist, a nod to the gothic, the macabre and the cute!  Watch this space for more information!

Frugally Fabulous Festivities
Having spent the last few months, scouting out some projects to make for Christmas presents, I'm planning to handmake many of my Christmas presents for
family and friend-folk this year - and I plan to share some of my successes on my Creative Fridays!  This month I am really hoping to get to grips with my sewing machine!  Wish me luck!

Music for the Soul
I don't know about you, but I go through phases with my music collection - catching up with old and forgotten CDs is something I love to do and if I'm not finding new and exciting music to listen to,
 image credit
you'll find me going Mad about Marilyn Manson, Loving Lana or Dotty for Duran Duran.  This month, I've really stripped back my listening pleasure and I've become pretty obsessed with 'The King' himself, the gorgeous Mr Elvis Presley.  There is something so soothing about his slower numbers - there is nothing quite like the beauty of 'Love Me Tender' played against the sounds of battering wind and rain against your window!  Elvis, this month, you are Always On My Mind!

Winter Wardrobe
As usual, I'm dazzled by gorgeous winter jewel colours (which sit so well with my penchant for black) and I have some great staple pieces that come out each and every year.  I'm looking forward to sharing these with you in an upcoming post
, as I prepare to NOT spend any money for The Frugally Fabulous Year!

Aside from taking part in the #NaBloPoMo challenge, I want to slow down a little and see out the end of the year with Little D.  Christmas is always such a special time for our family and, this year, I plan to really enjoy every moment of it!

A Handlebar Boyfriend...
For the first time, my OH has decided to enter the world of Movember!  I'm quite excited about this - partly because I've always said facial hair would suit him AND it's all for a great cause!  Why not check out his progress HERE I shall be donating to change the face of men's health this month, will you?

This Month You Might Well Find Me...
Curled up with a chai latte, hopefully dipping into 'The Ghost Hunters', a fantastic debut novel from Neil Spring, which centres around the legendary paranormal investigator Harry Price and his investigation of the infamous Borley Rectory.

I have some amazing reviews coming up on the blog - I can't wait to get stuck in to my copy of The Sewing Manual by the amazing Laura Strutt (who blogs over at Made Peachy) and tell you all about it.  PLUS I shall be divulging a few beauty posts over the coming weeks too, as I get to grips with some environmentally friendly cosmetics!

You Definitely Won't Find Me...
Complaining about the weather OR watching X Factor!! Sorry!

What are you most looking forward to about November?


Anonymous said...

Winter is my favourite time too :) ...I liked salted caramel mochas and curling up on the sofa with my big dog and/or other half ha! I liked reading this post, it made me feel all fuzzy in my tummy. Bring on the cold and warm scarves!

Hannah Parker said...

I'm still bemoaning the end of summer, I love it, but I'm very much enjoying the sunny Autumn and layering, so I'm sure I'll get into winter too :)

Firstly, I'm looking forward to seeing your frugal christmas pressies - I need some inspiration! Secondly, Elvis and "you were always on my mind" = sob. I love a bit of the king too! And finally I've been meaning to research environmentally friendly cosmetics but I'm terrible at research, so I'll just read your posts. Hurray!


Darcel {MahoganyWayMama} said...

I love so much about the winter months, especially now that I have children. Also participating in NaBloPoMo and wrote a post about Fall today. It must be in the air!

Vonnie said...

November is going to be wild for me, in retrospect organising NaBloPoMo probably wasn't my wisest plan ever!

I'm on placement for the next three weeks but I also work at the weekend, so I don't have a day off until the 27th November. I wouldn't ever say I'm a sun worshipper either but I hate being cold and wet, so I'm looking forward to big steaming bowls of soup and new boots! x