Wednesday, 6 November 2013

#NaBloPoMo November 6th: GreenEarth, A Greener Look at Dry Cleaning

Today, I thought I would share a little post on an exciting development in the world of...dry cleaning!

I was recently contacted about a new national campaign from Johnsons, The Dry Cleaners.  Recently, Johnsons have launched a new dry cleaning service called GreenEarth, which is both innovative in its technology and much kinder to the environment.

As one of the best known dry cleaning companies UK, Johnsons provides a one-stop shop for dry cleaning and clothing maintenance needs; but they are also a founding member of the latest dry cleaning campaign, GreenEarth, and are the only national dry cleaning company that is licensed to offer the GreenEarth technology in its stores across the UK.  The technology, a process that uses a bi-product of sand that doesn't chemically interact with fabrics, is not only greener and safer for the environment, it is also proven to be softer and kinder on skin and clothes.

I was really excited to hear about this new technology, which is available for consumers to use RIGHT NOW!  Dry cleaning has always been something of a concern for me, as the harsh chemicals used to dry clean clothes, are harmful to the environment and can also be tough on the clothes themselves.

I'm lucky to own some beautiful garments, which I have preciously maintained and looked after since my days in fashion retail.  I believe in keeping these items in mint condition - which often comes with a hefty dry cleaning bill!  Through experimentation, Johnsons have discovered that the new GreenEarth process has proven to keep clothes looking newer for much longer, with little abrasion to other components such as zips and buttons.   Not only that, but GreenEarth technology breaks down into natural elements if released into the environment which, in turn, makes it much safer for the environment.

Recent trend research, commissioned by Johnsons, has suggested that consumers are, thankfully, changing the way in which they buy their clothes - research that has really interested me, specifically since the launch of my Frugally Fabulous Year Challenge.  It seems that, in light of tough economic times and with less disposable income, more and more people are beginning to put their hard earned cash into higher priced, classic clothing that will stand the test of time, as opposed to fast fashion pieces that will, no doubt, be thrown out in a matter of months.  With more expensive fabrics, the need to maintain and care for them can often mean more trips to the dry cleaners - which is why Johnsons are so pleased to be able to offer a service such as GreenEarth that supports this change in consumer behaviour, emphasising the importance of durability and sustainability in their wardrobes; whilst not compromising our environment.

Why not drop in your local Johnsons to test out the new service and do something for the environment today?  Your clothes may just thank you for it!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Johnsons and have not been paid for this post.


Lindsay said...

Thanks for this great info, I work on the issue of toxic chemicals here in the U.S. and dry cleaning is the worst! Glad to see some leadership from the dry cleaning community across the pond.

Vonnie said...

Timely! I need to get my favourite coat dry cleaned so I might look into this :)

Vaidehi C said...

I never did like dry cleaning, but that sounds really good. Will have to give it a go.