Friday, 23 August 2013

Friday's Kitchen: 'Change One Thing' - Repost Pizzas!

So I ummed and ahhhed and thought about what recipe I could possibly try for this Friday's Change One Thing.  It's been an incredible week - but a very busy one and I've needed to have quick dinners on standby, as Little D has been struggling with teeth and, therefore, sleeping!

So it dawned on me, that one of my very early recipe posts has become something of a delicious staple in the Peachy household.  So I've decided to re-post this gorgeous recipe for Payday Pizzas!

Now...why repost this recipe?  And how does it fall into the Change One Thing theme for this month?  Well, everybody loves a pizza - and we are no exception.  But since finding this recipe for a lovely, light pizza dough (which is also dairy-free), courtesy of Baking Mad; I've really enjoyed putting my own pizzas together, gaining more control over the calorie content and even putting toppings together that reflect what's in season over in the veg world (I've developed an interest in sustainable living - more to come on Life is Peachy soon)!

I suppose this post, less reflects changing ingredients and is more reflective of changing our food lifestyle and how we view treats, takeaways and how we can; with the right ingredients, create even more delicious homemade food - without the takeaway price tag or the calorie guilt!

I hope you enjoy this week's repost and, as ever, I love hearing feedback!


Next week is the last of my 'Change One Thing' recipe themes so I'm going to make it nice and challenging!  If you would like to link up with Change One Thing - please email me your links and I will link them up with next week's big finale post!

Have a wonderful weekend!


S said...

Looks so nice!


Emma Berry said...

Thank you! It is a lovely recipe!! X