Monday, 5 August 2013

Nurturing Mums: For All Your Post-Natal Needs!

As a new mum, your life is suddenly filled with excitement, fun and breathing life and soul into a new little human being.  It can be the most exciting and challenging of times, but it can also be the most anxious and fearful of times.  

One of my earlier posts talked about the anxiety brought on by the media, regarding dangers in cosmetics and household products for pregnant women, which you can read HERE .  But it isn't just pregnant women who are bombarded with scare-mongering articles; long after your bundle of joy is born, you are still battling with your conscience over what is best for you and your baby, not to mention whether you are raising your child in 'the right way'.

Everywhere you look, there seems to be confusing advice and information; health visitors and midwives from different sectors of the same city often have conflicting opinions and the last thing you really feel you can trust, is your own instinct.

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce Nurturing Mums.
Set up by two lovely ladies, Gemma and Elise, who have 5 children under 9 years old between them; Nurturing Mums was created to bridge the gap between ante-natal support (yoga) and post-natal leaflets (too much paperwork) for women who desire more information/help post-natally with aspects of bringing up their babies. And no, not just with abs toning and weaning information!

As a new Mum myself, I was really interested in what Nurturing Mums had to offer, particularly as both Gemma and Elise had set up this company based on difficult first births themselves.  They had struggled with feeding, had felt judged for bottle-feeding and one had even suffered the trauma of the dreaded Emergency Caesarean.  The lack of consistent advice and help left them wondering if there was a gap in the market for women who, like themselves, had found aspects of new motherhood challenging. 

Based in North London, Nurturing Mums encourages the 'social' aspect of new Motherhood and offers post-natal courses offering practical advice and the chance to, of course, make new friends and learn together.  Their range of courses cover a huge range of troublesome problems such as getting babies to sleep,to baby stimulation right through to dealing with changing relationships after birth.
 All of this is offered in a consistent and non-judgmental environment, just the right sort of atmosphere for women who have just been through the biggest changes in their lives!  Since their launch, the ladies have had some fantastic feedback from their courses and many of their clients have formed strong bonds with each other and have continued to meet up on a social basis.  Why not read some of their testimonials HERE, to see why and how other mums have used their innovative services?  The reaction to Nurturing Mums has been a huge success so far, and for people like me, who dwell in other parts of the UK, there is even more good news; the ladies are rolling out courses both across London and the UK in the coming months!

With new courses and information being added all the time, why not pop over to the website Nurturing Mums and check out more specific course information - the lovely ladies are waiting to hear from you.

You can read about other Mums experiences on the websites 'Nurturing Mum of the Month' too HERE

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This sounds like a brilliant idea -any courses there for you Em?