Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Peachy Review: EllieBearBabi Nursing Scarf

If you have read my blog, you will know how much I LOVE to review new things - I have already had the pleasure of reviewing wonderful music from Bad Bad Me and The Barnum Meserve, I've also used Life is Peachy as a platform to promote some fantastic small and handmade businesses that I have discovered in my Twitter roaming!  So I was absolutely ecstatic when I was asked by the lovely Vicki, from EllieBearBabi, to review one of her handmade nursing scarves.

EllieBearBabi, or Vicki, is a relatively new handmade business set up in Vicki's hometown of Belfast, Northern Ireland; after she discovered that the family crafting gift had been passed down to her when she made some lovely blankets and bibs for her little one (now 7 months old).  After her transformation from self-described 'Jack-of-all-trades' to Stay At Home Mum, Vicki decided to make more of her lovely handmade goods and, in July, her Etsy shop for EllieBearBabi (named rather beautifully after her Mum's lovely old sheepdog) went live!  You can view, browse and perhaps shop to your heart's content at Vicki's Etsy shop HERE

I was sent this very on-trend aztec print to try out, Vicki does two sizes in her nursing scarves and I went for the Medium size, as I am sitting at about a curvy size 12, right now.  I must also publicly thank Vicki for the little bib she added in too - it's a hit with Little D!  

Nursing/feeding, has been somewhat of a blessing and a nightmare for me.  I think it's a perfectly natural thing to do (and what choice do you have when you are feeding 'on demand') yet there is still a
stigma attached to breastfeeding in public and I, for one, still find it an uncomfortable experience under the watchful eye of the public.  Cue EllieBearBabi's nursing scarf!  Taking the scarf out with me on my usual trip to the local park what I noticed, first and foremost, was just how light and wearable the jersey/lycra mix was to wear - I'm certainly not one for layering up in the heat, but this felt really comfortable around my neck.  

When it came to feeding, it was so lovely not to have to faff around with resting a blanket corner on the shoulder, Daisy just sat perfectly in the scarf loop and settled well into a feed, I think I relaxed almost immediately without having to deal with the usual problems of checking nothing was on show, or constantly readjusting for mine or Daisy's comfort.  The material felt dense enough for you to feel 'safe' in that you're not showing too much off and soft enough for baby's comfort too! 

In short, EllieBearBabi's Nursing Scarf was something of a saviour in, what can be, a trying situation for any nursing Mum.  Her designs are simple and stylish - simple in that they work without the need of a degree in Rocket Science to work them out, stylish in that this one will almost certainly find a way into my post-nursing wardrobe.
  In the pictures, I teamed the print with an old favourite, the breton top, as the print had such vibrant colours and looked great against the stripes.  This particular design would add a great pop of colour to a winter wardrobe!

EllieBearBabi's designs are beautifully made, the materials are of a really high quality and each item is labelled with handmade love too!  Her bibs retail at just £3.00, an absolute bargain, whilst nursing scarves are a real investment at just £15.00 - I advise every woman who has ever struggled with public feeding to stock up, it may just change your life!

And I could hardly leave out a picture of Daisy in her new bib either!

Want to keep up to date with EllieBearBabi?  Why not give her a follow on Twitter @EllieBearBabi.

Vicki is also a newbie blogger over at EllieBearBabi, check her out!

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KFP said...

Wish I had heard about these in my early days of nursing! I still feel everyone is looking at me in public even though it is the most natural thing in the world. Good review and I will def buy one of these next time around, especially if I'll be chasing after another at the same time! x x