Monday, 26 August 2013

Let Me Introduce: Vicky Davison

I'm forever in awe of some of the lovely designers and small business owners that I come across on Twitter.  Today's handbag designer is no exception.  Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce, Vicky Davison!

Graduating from Northumbria University in 2003 in Fashion, specialising in Textiles, it wasn't until Vicky became a full-time mum to twins a few years later, that she decided to pick up her needles again and start creating. Since 2008, Vicky has been slowly building up her collections and customer base, whilst juggling Motherhood and a part-time job.  Vicky Davison's creations are now in full swing and open for business!

By sticking with her fail-safe bag and purse designs, Vicky takes great care to create interesting new designs using gorgeous fabrics and often upcycled clothing.
You might find a trouser pocket on your bag or another quirky embellishment; either way, your bag from Vicky will be one of a kind!  And whilst she enjoys shopping around for gorgeous fabrics to use, Vicky works on each design individually to find the best use for each fabric.  She cites inspiration from almost anywhere, pretty much anything she comes into contact with on a day to day basis - from interior designs to art!  Just looking at some of her work, I love the slouchy totes and her use of layered fabrics is really exquisite!  Prices start at around £48 for a bag and around £33 for a purse or cosmetic bag - I've personally got my eye on her beautiful butterfly cosmetics bag for anyone who might be interested!

Of course, life as a Mother can be inspiration in itself, and Vicky's new cross-body bags were designed from her own findings as a mum of two, body bags always equal free hands - a must for any mum to young children. 
This design is something she is particularly proud of and she has worked hard to create simple but beneficial embellishments - inside zipped pockets and a magnetic clasp make this design safe and easy to use, for a mum in a hurry!

You can purchase Vicky's lovely designs from her FOLKSY shop.  Why not check out Vicky's work HERE

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Lisa said...

The items are gorgeous & a fab idea that each one is unique. Love the personal touch on each individual item. :-)

Adela said...

So cute.
Adela x