Monday, 12 August 2013

Meme: My Ultimate Driving Playlist!

Tagged by the lovely Vicki over at EllieBearBabi BLOG - and whilst I am at it, why not have a read of my review of her lovely nursing scarf HERE  - I have been challenged to put together my Ultimate Summer Driving Playlist!  

So I set myself this challenge, I've chosen ten songs that I absolutely love listening to on a roadtrip - be warned though readers, my taste in music is leftfield to say the least.  Funnily enough I was just having a conversation with my friend the other day about the importance of music.  I see music as a powerful sense, that can evoke emotions and memories.  I have so many artists who have really shaped the soundtrack to my life - but that's for another time and there are far too many to go in this list!  So here is just a snippet of my musical tastes, I hope you enjoy!  

10. Dead Sons -Gasoline

Dead Sons are undoubtedly one of my favourite bands around at the moment.  I've followed their career since they reformed from the ashes of The Backhanded Compliments in 2010 and I was lucky enough to see them a few times when I lived in London.  They have since evolved into
ultimate dirty rock 'n' rollers and their latest single, 'Gasoline' is just one in a long line of brilliant offerings.  They're unsigned right now, but if they ever make it big, you heard it here first!

9. Duran Duran - Hold Back The Rain

I am GEEK GIRL CRAZY about Duran Duran and this song, the original B Side to Save a Prayer, is one of my absolute favourites.  Whenever I hear Hold Back The Rain, it reminds me of dancing around with my Mum when I was little and of reliving those childhood moments when we went to see Duran Duran on their reunion tour in 2005.  Nothing quite beats the rumbling drum beats and typical 80s crescendo!

8. Kasabian - Take Aim

It is near enough impossible to choose my favourite Kasabian song as I'm obsessed with everything these guys do!  West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum is one of my favourite albums.  I love the concept and 'stories' behind each song and Take Aim has always been a stand out track when watching them live.  There is something truly sinister and beautiful about this song, Serge's vocals are absolutely spot on and the accompaniment is really atmospheric.

7. Robyn - Indestructible

Robyn's sound is somewhat unique to much of my music collection, but I love her style and her album, 'Bodytalk' has swiftly become one of the CDs I like to dance around to with Little D. 
Indestructible is a fast, euro-pop, stand-out track from the album - euphoric club sounds and heartfelt lyrics all rolled into one!

6. Marilyn Manson - Lunchbox

Confession time! I'm a HUGE Marilyn Manson fan (don't worry - not in front of the baby)!  I worshipped him when I was a 16 year old goth and his music really reminds me of some of the happiest times in my young life!  This is from his very first album, Portrait of an American Family, it's really raw and under-produced, the lyrics just sum up what he's about and I find it really empowering! (Warning: Explicit Content)

5. Lana Del Rey - Summertime Sadness

Lana is one of my top acts from the last year.  Her voice seemed to calm Little D when I was pregnant and I had her album on near enough repeat throughout my final trimester.  I find her voice and retro influence really haunting and beautiful. 
Picking out a song was hard, but Summertime Sadness is such an atmospheric track and really shows off Lana's vocal talent

4. Stevie Wonder - I Was Made To Love Her

I was lucky enough to see Stevie Wonder in concert in 2008 and I think he truly is one of the most iconic singers of the last century.  I love most of his music, but some of his earlier songs, like this one, are really uplifting and upbeat.  His vocal talent remains unmatched and his unwavering enthusiasm for what he does is truly inspiring.  Stevie would just have to make an appearance in my driving playlist.

3. Fleetwood Mac - The Chain

And no, not just because it's the F1 music!  Mr Peachy and I LOVE Fleetwood Mac, particularly the very early stuff.  I actually love the first section of The Chain, the slower singing section, which then builds to a crescendo topped off with THAT familiar bassline.  Fleetwood Mac's music is so emotive, amidst the personal issues within the band that seem so relevant to their sound, this is such a great sing-a-long (and air-bass-a-long) on a roadtrip!

2. Ash - Goldfinger

Ash were probably the first 'indie' band I got into, when a friend of mine recorded a selection of music from her 'Now' album (I'm thinking probably Now 30).  Thus started a lifelong love of rock and roll and particularly of Ash.  A typical 90s sing-a-long number, I would happily choose two or three Ash albums to listen to on a roadtrip, but I'll go with my ultimate favourite of their back catalogue!

1. Guns N Roses - Sweet Child Of Mine 

This song hardly needs an introduction!  I can't tell you the nights out I've had where I've connected with people over those first few notes from Slash.  An iconic and gorgeous rock song which evokes the need to wear headbands and snake our hips a la Axl Rose.  My absolute number one song for driving! 

Hope you enjoyed - what would you choose as your ultimate driving playlist?


jilbry58 said...

Hey Em, where is Billy Jean in this eclectic list???

Emma Berry said...

To be honest I could have gone on for days! So many songs!!! X