Monday, 19 August 2013

The Snoob Revolution

There is nothing like featuring a business that's pretty much hot off the press!  I love to use Life is Peachy as a platform for new small businesses that I feel my readers would be interested in.  And what could be hotter than a business launched just this May!  Welcome to the Snoob revolution!

Launched in May 2013 Snoob's founders, Becky and Angelique, had begun planning Snoob's launch over a year before when they both decided they wanted to focus on something new that would slot easily around their children's busy lives.  Both had children and Becky's youngest had just started school. Angelique's Snoob brainwave came along after brainstorming various ideas and, after a period of design and research, the 100% Jersey Cotton Snoob was born!

A cotton circular feeding scarf, the Snoob allows the wearer to breastfeed in a discreet manner, does not need to be removed when switching to breast number two and works comfortably for tandem twin feeding!
Based on a one-size fits all design, the versatile Snoob can double up as a blanket, can be thrown in the washing machine and, perhaps the best thing of all, cannot be pulled off by babies.

Since their mid-May launch, Snoob have received a number of stockist enquiries and have run a number of competitions in collaboration with other baby-related products.  In short, Snoob have really honed their marketing and promotions of Snoob, and the hard work is really starting to pay off.  Feedback from customers has been incredibly positive, customers swear by the Snoob and the discreet way in which they can breastfeed, whilst others say they will wear theirs long after breastfeeding finishes!

Whilst Snoob goes from strength to strength now, the ladies see its future development as organic and remain both excited
and open-minded about where Snoob will take them.  It is important to Becky and Angelique that Snoob continues to be manufactured in the UK and that they can maintain a hands-on approach to the product and retain control over the brand and its development.  For now, they are happy with the strength of their product and look forward to a bright future with the Snoob revolution!

Becky and Angelique with their children!

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Anonymous said...

It looks like a scarf in the shape of a loop. Could the baby become entangled in it. I think a normal scarf is a safer option.