Sunday, 1 September 2013

A Very Peachy Bloggiversary!!

Well, this may be a little premature, but today is my 3 MONTH BLOGGIVERSARY and I wanted to do a little post to say thank you to everyone who has read, commented, enjoyed and been a part of Life is Peachy.

Since its conception as a (for want of a better term) 'fingers up' to those who believe life stops at labour; Life is Peachy has already come so far and I've attracted a wide and varying audience, who seem to enjoy reading my blog!  Nothing makes me feel more alive than writing (other than Little D, of course); I have so much love for you for reading my posts and I hope to continue to inspire, make you laugh, make you think and empower you (mums or not) with some of the exciting things I've got coming up!

Peachy's Round-Up!
Since June, I've given you some glimpses into my Handmade Home with just a few of my handmade projects for D's nursery, plus my first attempt at Papercutting
I've given my Peachy seal of approval to Bad Bad Me, The Barnum Meserve, the lovely late James Herbert's 'Ash' and, most recently, the fantastic film What Maisie Knew.  I've delved a little into my vintage inspired wardrobe and pawed over my love of Swedish clogs (and men), and even given you a snippet of my eclectic taste in music!

The amazing Gude from Hodge Podge Craft wrote a fabulous Guest Post on Baby Sensory Experiences and, if you haven't already, I would strongly recommend heading over to her blog for even more inspiration.  We've met two amazing people behind Kickstarter projects in the form of HandmadeHour and Waffly Nice!  I'm pleased to tell you that Liz from Waffly Nice has been in touch, to tell me that her and Sam have been approved for a loan for their business - look out for the Waffly Nice Van in the near future!

I hope I've inspired in the kitchen too, with my Change One Thing theme running through my August recipes -
for those of us who love baking, but not huge waistlines - to my Neapolitan Birthday Cake and Cheeky Gnome Cupcakes!

Plus the list is already endless of small businesses and products that I've posted about over the last three months. So a huge thank you to This Is Lullaby, Neli at Delish, Crafty Lil' Lel, Scrapunzel, Nurturing Mums, SnoobEllie Bear BabiLove Lammie and Vicky Davison!

And where are we going now?
Needless to say, Life is Peachy is keeping me really busy right now and I've got lots of interesting and exciting posts to come.  First of all, I would proudly like to announce that I am officially a Parragon Book Buddy and recently received my first cookbook to review (and, my God, is it a good one).  I've also been lucky enough to meet some even more wonderful small businesses and I will still be regularly posting about some of the inspirational people and products that I come across on my hunts for something unique and exciting.  Not to mention some exciting guest posts I'll be doing and some collaborative work with other businesses.  Everyone is getting the Life is Peachy bug!!

Speaking of small businesses - if you're a follower on Twitter, you have probably been bombarded with photos of little knitted gnomes of late!  This is because my online craft store, Peach and Daisy ALSO launches this month!
I've taken my love of knitting and crafts to the next level and I'll be selling weird, wonderful gifts and accessories (starting small) which are, much like myself, cute and quirky!  Look out for more info on Peach and Daisy in the coming weeks - there will be a giveaway to celebrate the launch!

The Good Goth Life - As a homemaker, I have a really keen interest in sustainable cooking and, whilst we haven't the room to grow a lot of our own produce and are far off living life a la Tom and Barbara Good, I think learning to shop and cook with seasonal food is the first step to living sustainably.  So brace yourselves for some sustainably scrumptious, winter warmers, that won't break the bank in my 'Frugal Fall' recipes theme!

Bargain Hunt - Who doesn't love a bargain?  Having a good old rummage in a charity shop is always one of my favourite things to do - so I'll be bringing you some of my bargain finds and upcycling projects in my Trash and Treasure section!

Ditch Those Skinnies - I admit it, I've been stuck in a rut with my clothes (shock, horror) as I've recently realised just how much I've been living in my jeans.  Now I'm no jeans girl, so I've given myself the challenge of ditching the jeans and looking for cheap ways to fill my wardrobe whilst I'm trying to shed a bit of baby weight, without losing my distinct style!  

All this, plus more?  Life truly is Peachy indeed!  I do hope you've enjoyed reading my posts and I hope you'll continue to join me on my journey to finding the 'you' in Mummy.  Keep spreading the love, commenting and getting in touch with me - I love hearing your thoughts!  Here's to another very Happy 3 months!

If you would like to be part of Life is Peachy, discuss my work as a Freelance Writer or just want to say hi! I would love to hear from you - please email


Victoria Hayward said...

Oooh lovely blog, we like a lot of the same things! Followed on BL, so look forward to reading more, Love the cakes, nom nom nom!

Vicky x

Anonymous said...

Wow you have been busy!

Love the blog btw :)

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Emma Berry said...

Thanks Vicky! I'm glad you liked it! I'm following you back too!! Your blog is lovely!! X

Emma Berry said...

Thank you so much! No rest for the wicked as they say! Enjoying your blog too! X

Emma Berry said...

Thank you Icy! X