Wednesday, 4 September 2013

#CraftBlogClub - The Turn of the Crafty Twitterati!

So last night I decided to try a Twitter chat hour for the very first time!  Over the last three months, I have met some awesome bloggers - from Yummy Mummys to Beauty to Lifestyle.  And I've met some absolutely outstanding Craft Bloggers!

As a blog category, it seemed to me that craft bloggers are fiercely underrecognised, even though there are LOADS of us AND we make exciting, unique and wonderful things.  I really enjoy being part of #HandmadeHour on Wednesdays and often pop in on #PBloggers and #Lbloggers too, but I really wanted a twitter hour dedicated to crafting - to meet other craft bloggers and inspire each other!

So I took it upon myself to create #CraftBlogClub - which will now run every TUESDAY from 7PM - 8PM.  This isn't a place to talk 'business' as such, it's not to sell or promote products.  It's for craft bloggers, crafters and people who enjoy reading craft blogs, to come along, share some links and perhaps take a bit of inspiration away for their upcoming projects.

I have to say, I was sat at my computer, feeling pretty terrified that nobody would want to join in.  But the results were ASTOUNDING and I have my lovely Twitter followers to thank for joining in and spreading the word!  I love seeing ideas take shape and I fully enjoyed the chat we had and I'm really looking forward to reading some of these interesting and amazing blogs!

#CraftBlogClub will definitely be back next week - I plan to choose a general topic to talk about, always ending with swapping links etc.  I've also had the idea of creating a #CraftBlogClub challenge, something that will encompass all forms of craft - that we can all link up on our blogs!  At this stage, I feel we have so many things to explore, that just chatting for an hour is the tip of a very crafty iceberg!

If you enjoy crafting, reading craft blogs or are a craft blogger - please do join in our Twitter Hour on Tuesday's between 7pm and 8pm.  Use the tag #CraftBlogClub and let the fun commence!

If you have any topic ideas or even challenge ideas for our Twitter Hour - please give me a shout on Twitter (@LivePeachy) or drop me an email at

I cannot WAIT for next week!!

E x


Hayley said...

Hi I'll definitely be joining in this week, sounds like fun =)I've just set up my blog and twitter accounts so I've got a lot to learn lol!

Hayley x

Christina L said...

Omgosh you started that chat I noticed it the other day. I have seen so many amazing craft blogs it's pretty inspiring to get all crafty! Especially when you have no idea where to start! Hope it goes well again this week, and will help spread the word xxx

Emma Berry said...

Hi Hayley! Would be great to have you along! Its a really fun hour and provides lots of inspiration and support to newbie bloggers!

Emma x

Emma Berry said...

Hi Christina! Ha ha yes I started it! Was really surprised that the first one went so well but so pleased to be carrying it on! Thanks for spreading the word and I hope you can join us on Tuesday! Xx