Thursday, 12 September 2013

Outfit Post - Ditching The Jeans

One of my favourite outfits - Back in the Whistles St John's Wood Days!

Admittedly it's been a while since I did a fashion post.  I absolutely love finding quirky things to wear, that really reflect my self-coined 'Modern Gothic Librarian' image!  I'm not really much of a mainstream shopper and I would love to hear from other late twenty-thirty somethings who, like myself, feel as if high street stores are really not catering for our age range anymore??!!

Here I am in Croatia, 2011 - Holiday Chic

Anyway...that's another post for another time!  My style lies in a love of vintage and a love of the romantic gothic look.  I've always had one rule when it comes to image - I've never wanted to look like anyone else!  From my heady days as a velvet-skirt and Doctor Martens-adorning goth, to my stint as a bottle blonde with a wardrobe heavily influenced by the Harajuku movement; the key to me has always been individuality.

Having a baby will always means thinking more practically about what you wear - dry-clean clothes become the enemy and sky-scraper heels are just a huge no-no (unless you're Victoria Beckham, it would seem).  But I never wanted becoming a Mother to completely swallow my identity and, over the last few months, I realised I was beginning to feel a little less 'Mumm-me' and a little more 'Mummy'.  Why?  Well...I was living in my black skinny jeans!


I think jeans look great on other people, I am often envious of those who can pull on a t-shirt and jeans and instantly look awesome.  They are practical, versatile and a great staple for any wardrobe, except, it seems, mine!  I'm a dress-girl, I've said it a hundred times and I stick by it.  It is somewhat disconcerting to have a wardrobe full of dresses that I just can't wear right now; but either way I HAD to do something about this minor wardrobe malfunction and start the process of getting back to Emma: Mumm-me.

Not my bag!!

So I decided it was time, to ditch the jeans!  A big step for me - they saw me through my maternity and beyond, teamed with my Mum Mafia uniform of breton stripes; but if I was ever to feel that familiar sense of self-balance, they just HAD to go!  


I've done a sneaky bit of shopping recently - my budget wasn't huge, but my mental health was thoroughly thankful for it! I found some beautiful pieces at reasonable prices, dresses that could be layered up as we head into Autumn, plus a gorgeous grungy chenille shaggy cardigan that I'm already getting a lot of wear out of! 

Collars and Pearls - What Would Dita Do?!

Over the next few weeks I'll post some outfits from my swag - skater dresses teamed with vintage belts, tea dresses and images of me finally feeling like I'm starting to be 'me' again. 


Part of the trick of feeling good in your clothes, is to find how to 'love' your old ones again! Which is never easy when you're wardrobe consists of 70% dry-clean only dresses, that you haven't a hope of fitting into.  YET.  So I've decided to really start looking at what I already have and the different ways in which I can try wearing some of my favourite garments - I'll try and inspire with some posts in the coming weeks!

What, this old thing? From my Whistles collection!
It had become too easy to shove my jeans on in the mornings and I've had to really force myself to push my boundaries and find 'me' again in my clothes.  It has worked though, slowly but surely, I'm seeing 'Mumm-me' in the mirror again!

Follow my blog for more updates and outfit posts as I search for the 'perfect' post pregnancy wardrobe!


Cat said...

great blog Em, and good for you! xxx

Debbie Ingle said...

Great post. It took me a while to re-discover my style after having my little one and being 34 I am a bit in-between for lots of shops but finally feel like i'm there now and loving it! Must be good for our little ones too, positive role model and all that! x

Hayley said...

Good for you! =) x

Emma Berry said...

Thank you love!!! I'm loving ditching the jeans!! Xx

Emma Berry said...

Thanks Debbie! I definitely think there is a gap in the market for our age range, then again perhaps our style is too quirky!! I think feeling good is important for your mental health and your children thrive when you feel good! I think we are definitely setting a good example, or at least I hope so! Xx

Emma Berry said...

Thanks Hayley!! I do feel better! X

Lucinda Harrington said...

Are those lotta from Stockholm clogs? X

Emma Berry said...

They are indeed! I love Lotta clogs! And I'm.dreaming of a pair of Swedish Hasbeens too!!! X

atthebeautydesk said...

good for you dear, you had to dress in certain clothes for 9 months so to break out of that and find 'you' again can be hard..I absolutely love your look & style..I love a full fringe and you're style is so cool..I broke away from wearing jeans and having worn a pair in over a year ;)