Monday, 9 September 2013

Peachy Charideeee Swag September!

Good morning all!!!  I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend - I spent it with my parents, which was fabulous as I don't get to see them nearly as much as I would like!

So, this month, I've decided to start blogging about our money-saving ways in the Peachy household!!  And no, I don't mean 'ways to save money', but a more creative look at being frugal through posts about my bargain-hunting swags, money-conscious recipes and, of course, upcycling tutorials and inspiration.  I think most people, particularly heading towards winter and the big 'C' (Christmas of course), often use this time of year to re=think and re-jig their finances and it can sometimes be hard work to do this.  Peachy HQ really is no different - my wonderful boyfriend works full time and also works as a musician under several guises, whilst I am an at-home Mum, working as a freelance writer and soon-to-be crafts saleslady!  But far from feeling the pinch, we revel in bargain-hunting and bringing our own creative skills into making our 'Handmade Home' and providing our very best for our little girl.  

To help me in my quest to post about my 'Frugal Fall' - I decided to link up with the lovely Sophie Rosee, who decided a spending ban was in order and asked if anyone else wanted to be involved.  I don't particularly have a problem with spending, I just think it would be great to see what I could live without if I really tried.  A 30 day ban works for me - nothing unnecessary (I do consider eyeliner to be a necessity, I'm afraid) for myself (Daisy is obviously not included) or for the home.  I plan to see how much I can save and put this excess into my 'Hunter Wellies Fund' - as these are something I've always wanted and I can't think of better and more stylish footwear to have, when I'm pushing the pram around in the midst of winter!  I WILL spend on materials for projects, of course, but clothes and books (books being my big problem) will have to go on hold!

So, without further ado - check out my first (and last, for a while) Charideeee Swag!

1. Framed Industrial Luxemburg picture - a real beauty and a steal at £4.  This sits really beuatifully in our retro dining room, alongside some of our other art work!  I love these posters - I think they make really powerful statements on our walls.

2. A Beautiful Mind DVD - purchased for a mere £1 - I am absolutely obsessed with this film, starring Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly.  The true tale of John Nash, Nobel Prize winner and hugely influential mathematician is so powerful and moving,
I can't believe I waited this long to own it (having seen it about 7 times).  

3. Asos Sheer Floral Dress - bought for £5 this dress is in near perfect condition
- I love the colours and the neckline is just gorgeous. Teamed with a black vest and tights, this is a great daywear dress and looks really quirky with my clogs too!

Well, here's to my spending ban!  The 'shall I, shouldn't I' compartment of my wallet is firmly closed!  Follow my blog for regular updates on my no-spend September and look out for some great 'Frugal Fall' recipes coming up!  

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