Monday, 30 September 2013

A Very Peachy October Update!

Well, here we are!  September is drawing to a close and Life is Peachy HQ has been mad busy, as usual, with lots of planning, exciting partnerships and features and even a bit of press for the now-weekly #CraftBlogClub.  At the beginning of September, I wrote an update celebrating my 3 month Bloggiversary and I'm so pleased to tell you that October is looking like another really busy month!

So what have I been up to?? Well, aside from linking up with some fab new bloggers and meeting some amazing people; I posted some great recipes with a cosy, autumnal feel and a hint of the 'frugal' in mind.  I also celebrated my two year anniversary with Mr Peachy, by unveiling my First Applique Illustration; which I gave as a gift to him.

I talked a little about finding your own personal post-pregnancy style when I decided to Ditch The Jeans and linked up with the lovely Sophie Rosee for her spending ban.  I also reviewed my first recipe book as a Book Buddy for Parragon Books and introduced the stunning work of Rodology

I was lucky enough to feature on some amazing websites this month.  Check out my piece for Nurturing Mums about finding time for creativity and my piece for the wonderful Vintage Shopper, which is about vintage shopping with a post-pregnancy body.

Last month, I also decided to launch a Twitter chat hour for craft bloggers and lovers of craft.  #CraftBlogClub launched one Tuesday at the start of September and, I have to say, I remain completely overwhelmed with the amount of people who have joined in week by week.  I think we have created a really friendly, atmosphere with our Twitter chat and I'll be continuing to run it - with lots of plans for the future too! 

So what am I doing next?

Change Is Gonna Come...
This month, I've given my blog a little bit of an overhaul and, although I'll still be posting three times a week, my Friday posts will now become 'Creative Fridays'! I will be mixing up my weekly recipes with craft tutorials and craft WIPs.  Wednesday posts will continue to be #CraftBlogClub roundups and news and my Monday posts will be a mixture of fashion features, reviews and small business features.  

Stay Tuned for the Big Unveil! #CraftBlogClub
#CraftBlogClub Challenge Unveil 
This week I will be unveiling my notebook challenge result AND setting up a linky for everyone's challenges,  October's challenge will also be unveiled, which I'm really excited about, so keep your eyes peeled and your fingertips tapping away on Tuesday evening, between 7-8pm.  And check this amazing mention of #CraftBlogClub over on the lovely Hobzy Blog

The Frugally Fabulous Year 
Since I had such lovely feedback about my most recent outfit posts.  Not to mention the success of my spending ban; I've decided to try living 'Frugally Fabulous' for a year.  I want to try and refrain from buying clothes (for myself, Daisy not included) from high street stores for A WHOLE YEAR! Since I've become a bargain-hunting queen, I want to really promote the art of my 'trash and treasure' theory.  There is nothing I love more than finding real gems in charity shops and eBay and, aside from the essential undercrackers, I believe anything can be sought to look fabulous for less!  I'm hoping, over the next year, to develop my dress-making skills and continue to shop vintage and upcycle pre-loved items!  I'll be updating the blog with outfit posts and works in progress as I stay 'frugally fabulous' well into 2014!

Peach and Daisy
Last month, I took quite a few orders for my knitted Yuletide Gnomes, which was an amazing response and, rest assured, I'm beavering away with my knitting needles as often as I can.  I have 2 or 3 spots left for gnomes to be made before Christmas, so if you are thinking of ordering one - please do email me at and snap up a spot!  

I am still planning to launch Peach and Daisy as a craft store in the near future - but at the moment I've been lucky enough to be so busy with freelance writing projects, that crafting items for my new shop have had to take a backseat! I want to make sure I can fulfil all my gnome orders and other project work, before I launch this lovely idea! 

I've got lots of exciting posts, reviews and features coming up this month and am so proud of how far Life is Peachy has come in such a short time!  

So, for now, let me just say a huge heartfelt thank you to everyone who reads, comments and follows Life is Peachy - I really hope you continue to enjoy reading these musings from Peachy HQ and look forward to a very peachy future! E x

I am always looking for projects to take on as a freelance writer/copywriting - please email and make sure you check out my Freelance Writing section, for examples of my work!  I would love to hear from you!

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