Tuesday, 24 September 2013

#CraftBlogClub: Crafty DIY SOS #1

Well, another week and another exciting edition of #CraftBlogClub has come to a close.  I'm in Twitter jail again, damn it!

As usual, I was completely humbled by the amount of people who joined in my twitter chat and I would like to take another opportunity to thank you all for following, getting involved and retweeting!  We saw some fab new faces tonight and I can't wait to get to grips with some more new blogs and hope to see you all again next week!

Tonight, as it is nearing the end of our first #CraftBlogClub challenge, I thought we would do a DIY SOS (minus Nick Knowles, of course), to give everyone a chance to voice any crafty issues they might be having.  This is probably something we will introduce once a month, especially as tonight's was really great, lots of debating and top tips on offer from our lovely crafty lot! 

It certainly seems like we are an ambitious bunch - the general feel of the chat was that we all simply don't have enough time for ALL the crafting we want to do!  Far from my expectations of crafty tweeps voicing a few issues, we talked more about time management and losing our mojo - it was fantastic!  Here are just a few points from tonight's chat!

Well first of all, let me introduce our now 'Resident Glue Dab Hander' in the form of wonderful blogger Rascal And Roses who, and I quote, dubs PVA glue 'The Best In The World'.  A must have for our notebook challenges I believe!

I couldn't write this post without noting some of the great lighting tips from #CraftBlogClub newcomer Homemade With Love who suggested lining a box with white paper and creating a 'mini photo studio' for small items.  Thank you for your tweets - they were so helpful for those of us who are pretty much armed with just a phone!

What to do when you are in a Craft Slump?  A very common theme running through tonight's chat.  Whilst a browse on Pinterest was a resounding tip for finding your inspiration again, some suggested a huge tidy of your craft area can help to tidy your mind and refocus for that next wonderful project.  The tip of having a really good amount of space for crafting also ties in with this theory.  For me, I think a quick, familiar project can be great for reinstating confidence and inspiration.  Suggestions of a crafty back-up list was also fantastic for noting down all those things you plan to do...then life gets in the way!

Confidence was touched upon as well, or perhaps more, a need to make sure things are done correctly.  I think we are all in agreement that handmade items look better HANDMADE, so a few mistakes here and there are not going to be judged!  As crafty bloggers we need to be confident in our decisions to try new things and revel in whatever the outcome is! (I say that, if my knitted gnomes could talk they would tell you a very different story)!

So what do we crafters do if, God forbid, we find ourselves BORED? It seems as if quite a few of us have the same idea - have a few projects on the go at once to avoid boredom and have a smaller project tucked away for travelling.  

Finally, we touched on Suppliers and Sourcing Materials as many of us are money conscious and want to ensure we are sourcing the right products, at the right price.  High Street haberdashery's such as John Lewis often have limited supplies and eBay can be hit and miss with postage prices getting ever higher.  I have had the brainwave of putting together a comprehensive list of suppliers with the #CraftBlogClub stamp of approval - whether it is a small local supplier or a brilliant online business! If you have a supplier you want to put forward, please give me an email and I'll start putting a list together!!

Have you got it covered?? Your notebook that is!  I am planning to unveil mine next Tuesday and put up a linky so we can all link our notebook posts together.  I put out a little tweet asking if our crafty tweeples fancied another challenge for the month of October?  Most said yes, so am planning to launch something next week.  If you would like to put forward any ideas, please email missemmaberry@gmail.com.  I'm thinking a Halloween theme might be on the cards....

The 'C' Word
It's only September...but....I've been having a chat with the lovely Amanda over at Gift Frippery about the possibility of doing 'virtual Christmas presents' over at #CraftBlogClub.  If this is something you might be interested - drop me an email so I can start collating names and ideas.  We can move from there..

I thought, each week, I would give a little shout out to a couple of #CraftBlogClub bloggers and their excellent posts.  We are all fabulous, I love reading all the blogs I've come across from doing this Twitter Chat, but I thought it would be great to highlight a couple each week...

Firstly, take a look at this fab blog post about using Google+ by the lovely Icy Sedgwick 

Why not have a read of the lovely Hayley Usher 's attempts at paper marbling for her notebook covers.  The results are just gorgeous!

Finally, for this week, follow the posts of newbie blogger Katie Gets Crafty as she's new to the creative scene and wonderful with it!

That's all for now folks - next week we talk notebooks and prettifying things!

Stay Crafty

E x



Laura Made Peachy said...

Another awesome chat! I love how we all have similar struggles with time! Thanks for adding those blogs - will be updating my Bloglovin this morning to include them! :D

Chloris Boris said...

Thanks for this recap Emma, was sorry to have missed you all, and glad we all agree with handmade not having to be perfect, thinking of my notebook cover!

Kate @craftsonsea said...

Sorry I missed it last night, I have finished my notebook though, phew!! If no one else has mentioned it already, how about a group board on Pinterest where we can all pin and share the things we make for the challenges? x

Icy Sedgwick said...

Really enjoyed the chat, even though I was late, and I second the idea of a group board on Pinterest!

Anthea Willis said...

Love the group pinterest board idea! It was another interesting chat - even though I did have to bow out half way through to get the small boy off to bed!