Monday, 17 June 2013

A Picture of Owlish Grey...

Every once in a while, I stumble across a truly unique crafter, who has taken an entirely different approach to their designs.  Since Father's Day was yesterday, I just had to share the gift I chose for my beau's first Father's Day, designed and made by the wonderful Owlish Grey.

I stumbled across Nottingham-based Owlish Grey quite by accident, when she gave a friendly 'like' to my other business' Facebook page.  Intrigued, I looked a little closer at Owlish's Etsy shop, and was so pleasantly surprised by what I found, I simply had to order one of her unique 'Soundwave Prints' ready for the Big Day!  

Owlish Grey's products stem from an interest in crafting accessories, whilst taking inspiration from science and nature.  Some of her latest products include cards and prints with famous scientist's quotes and also cards featuring symbols from the periodic table.  A truly different design approach, which make for some lovely keepsake pieces.

A first Father's Day is always going to be very special, so I decided to opt for a unique 'Soundwave Print'.  Should you decide to purchase one (which I thoroughly recommend you do); they come in two different sizes and, once you have placed your order, you are required to send a short recording of a message you would like to give to the receiver of your gift.  There are several options you can choose from in terms of colour, a borderline etc and you are asked to clearly state your options when sending your order across.  What is then posted to you, 48 hours from completing the order, is a unique soundwave print of your voice and your message. 


I chose a red soundwave to match the red theme running through our abode,  I also chose a grey background to add depth to the piece and recorded myself saying 'Daisy Loves Daddy'.  A simple, but perfect and very personal gift for Mr Peachy to treasure.

Aside from the originality in Owlish Grey's designs, her attention to detail in each step of the process really inspires me.  Her packaging is personal, even her envelope stamp is named and she provides you with a barcode so that you can scan and hear your message!

Needless to say, the OH was chuffed with his gift, a lovely memoir of his first Father's Day celebrations and something so personal to him.  I would like to thank Gemma, of Owlish Grey, for her wonderful product, incredible service and for her part in making Mr Peachy's day so very special!  Owlish Grey gets the official 'Peachy Seal of Approval'!

Check out Owlish Grey's wonderful designs on her Facebook page and Etsy shop:

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atthebeautydesk said...

that is such an unusual gift-never heard of it before-I love all things arty and how cool is it to have a message turned into a sound wave haha definitely a gift for someone who has everything ;)