Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Wednesday Wishlist: Say YES to Gnomes!

Every month, I gather together a collection of things for my 'Wednesday Wishlist', a basic collection of anything high on my 'wants' or 'love' lists right now.  This month...say YES to gnomes!

Some people dream big, others dream small; at the moment I'm dreaming small as we are starting to put together our little front and back gardens and I can't help but feel we are missing one or two colourful, cheeky additions!  My fascination with gnomes stems from an early childhood love of the animated series David the Gnome; a small gnome Doctor who dwelt secretly in an un-named forest with his wife, Lisa and spent most episodes curing sick animals and escaping the clutches of three fearsome and pesky trolls! 
There is something distinctly British about gnome culture and, love them or hate them, even the Chelsea Flower Show decided to relax it's age-old gnome ban this year.  By all accounts the amount of gnomes more than made up for the previous gnome-free years.

So here is my gnome inspired wants and wishlist, I'm ignoring IKEA's Summer campaign and simply saying YES to gnomes!  First of all, why not try a Life is Peachy Summer delight in the form of Strawberry and Vanilla Cupcakes with Strawberry Gnome toppers?
Look out for my 'Friday's Kitchen Recipe' for more information.

Despite the sunshine we are having, I'm looking forward to getting stuck back in to knitting these Swedish Gnomes ready for the Autumn/Winter.  This was an amazing Alan Dart pattern I discovered not so long ago and knitted several for Christmas presents.  These rustic gnomes come in several colour ways and make perfect gifts!  I will eventually be selling these through my store; if you are interested in commissioning one or would like more information please email  I can't wait to start creating these little guys again!
One of my hand-knitted gnomes

When it comes to fabric, I admit I can be something of a hoarder.  I've got beautiful fabrics I have yet to start working with, partly because they look too beautiful to touch.  eBay is always a great source for all my crafting needs and I have often found incredibly reasonable fabric sellers on there too.  This lovely piece (below) is from a great eBay seller, 'The Original Wind the Bobbin' and at £3.25 per FQ, it would make a beautiful quirky cushion cover for our red-themed lounge.
Alternatively, this would look great as a simple tablecloth at a themed Birthday party or even a sewing machine cover.  

There are fabulous gnome-inspired fabrics available from other sellers too.  Check out this beautiful pink fabric - slightly more cutesy and intricate - from 'ohsewcraftsyuk'.  A steal at £1.75 per FQ and a lovely Summer pattern for a little girl's dress or a light quilt cover.  This fabric is available in several colours.

After trawling, somewhat, through Amazon's wares, I came across these little gnome candles (below, right) - practically irresistible for the home or even to light a garden table at an evening barbeque.  Available for £6.95 each from

Only available in this colour way - but perfect as a kitsch ornament and almost too sweet to actually light!
Gnome candle, £6.95
Of course, no gnome-inspired wishlist would be complete without the appearance of the tradition garden gnome itself.  Woodland Wilf Feeds the Birds (below, left) is an absolute favourite of mine, with his toadstool bird feeder, he would make a perfect addtion to my miniature back garden.  There are several characters available in the 'Woodland Wilf' range, they are currently available* at a reduced price of £9.00 at (price correct at time of publishing).

So that's my Wednesday Wishlist for June - it's all about gnomes and brightening up my interiors with the cheeky fellows, as well as adding character to a small garden space with colour and cuteness, this Summer, I'm saying YES to gnomes.


Anonymous said...

I love your hand knitted gnome.

Emma Berry said...

Thank you! They're quite hard work but they look so lovely when they're done! X