Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Handmade Home: Knitting in a Free World!

A few days ago, my beau's younger brother made an off-the-cuff comment about knitting.  I can't remember exactly how it was termed, but the particulars included something to do with knitting being for both the 'sad' and the 'old'.  I perked up at this, defending us young, hip knitters and I was temporarily excused for my knitting obsession as I was now a 'mum'.  I started knitting when I was at University.


I don't think a lot of us crafters, knitters etc would be able to pin point a moment in life that we decided to put our intrigued fingers to work, neither could we give a reason why we do it.  I've only ever answered this sort of question to one thing; writing.  I said I write because I can't not write.  I suppose I knit for the same reason; I can't not do it.


Earlier in the month, I published a short beginner's tutorial to knitting, in the lovely online magazine for Peta's Vintage Boutique.  It was difficult to put these actions into words, as it's been a long time since I completed my first few stitched under the watchful eye of my Nan, a keen and talented knitter for many years.  That was where I got the bug, fast forward to present day and now, I have even more reason to go 'handmade'; there is nothing quite like watching Daisy man-handling (baby-handling) the sensory blanket I made for her.

You can find the original knitting tutorial here --->

I chose this Val Pierce-inspired sensory patchwork blanket as my first baby-project.  The different knitted textures and the daisies are great for little grabbing fingers and will, hopefully, become something of a comfort blanket for Daisy when she is a little older.  I chose to work with pastel, light colours to fit the Beatrix Potter theme in Daisy's nursery.  I was really pleased with how the colours blended together - Peter Rabbit's Blue, Jemima's Pink and Lilac and a soft baby Cream.   It worked wonders for the first few weeks after Daisy's birth, as we were hit with such cold, snowy weather and now it's great as a sensory object that remains familiar to her.

As an intermediate knitter, I found this blanket quite easy, the bulk of the blanket is made with simple garter and stocking stitches; these make for a very classic patchwork look.  The challenge lay in creating the daisies but I'm always up for a crafting challenge!  It's a great pattern for sitting in front of the TV, especially when I needed my mind taking off impending childbirth.  I'm now looking at adapting this pattern with different sensory objects and colours.  Results to follow!

I've got the handmade bug!  More posts to follow on 'handmaking' your home and nursery on Life is Peachy!

Are you interested in commissioning a sensory baby blanket?  Email for further information, costs etc.  I would love to hear from you!


pinkundine said...

I don't have a little one to knit for, but I'm a young (not very hip) knitter ;) Have you told your man's brother that some of us even knit socks? I bet that would seem even crazier (it still seems crazy to me, even though you'd have to pry my hand-knit socks off my cold, dead feet!)

Love the blanket - it is so similar to one my nanny made me when I was a baby.

Emma Berry said...

I think these days it's more uncommon to find people who don't know how to do some sort of craft! Unless we are just showing our age!!! I love knitting, I started young and I think there is nothing better! I applaud your socks - I have yet to do socks but they're on my list!

Thanks about blanket! Do you still have the one your nanny made you? x

MissSparkles @ Sparkles and Stretchmarks said...

Ooh wow, I have been wanting to learn to knit - I will certainly use your guide!

Sparkles &



Laura Huggins said...

I used to love knitting when I was younger. I could only cast on and then knit but I still loved it. Always ended up making scarves though!

Thank you for linking up with the Weekend Blog Hop

Hope to see you again this weekend

Laura x x x

Emma Berry said...

Ah let me know how you get on Hayley, will be good to know if it makes sense to a new knitter! Lots more projects to this space! xx I'll be back next week at the Blog Hop Laura, I love taking part! x

Karen Dawkins said...

I met a lady on a trip to Mexico who knits to counteract her anxiety. She knits like crazy on flights -- until that flight when the airline personnel confiscated her knitting needles. She did not enjoy the flight.

I wish I had the patience to knit!

Emma Berry said...

Really? How you say, until she got her needles confiscated! I find knitting really relaxing as I'm such a fidget! E x