Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The Handmade Home: Papercut Writer

I've always admired the work of Rob Ryan and the likes.  The intricacies of Papercutting really interest me, I've seen such beautiful artwork in this form and have really wanted to give it a try.  I love the depths that Papercut artwork creates and, particularly with Rob Ryan's work, there is a certain 'life' to the flimsy and magical world he creates with his laser-cutting techniques.
The delicious and quirky world of Rob Ryan

Father's Day was in fear of coming and going this year.  I've been so busy writing, blogging, raising Daisy and planning ahead to post-Mat Leave work that trips to town are becoming scarcer by the week.  This year, to mark Mr Peachy's first Father's Day, not to mention avoid the Paperchase queues like the plaque, I decided I would try my hand at some simple Papercutting to make a card for Mr Peachy.

John Lewis stocked a very handy and inexpensive pack, which consisted of a self-healing craft mat and craft knife and I bought some black card and pastel paper to practice free hand writing on. It didn't take too long to get to grips with the amount of pressure the craft knife needed and the results, two hours and several feeds later, was quite accidentally a Kid Acne inspired piece of writing!
To help enhance the words, I placed some pastel peach paper on the inside of the cardand added Daisy's painted footprints (I had only had the stamina to do one set with her - the hands will have to wait); accompanied by the message 'thank you for helping me to find my feet'.

Overall, I was impressed with how quickly I felt confident in gliding that craft knife across the paper, there was a certain ease to it, though I now feel I want to try my hand at some more intricate images and challenging italics (never satisfied).  

I might not be quite up to scratch just yet, but this simple technique has definitely given me the bug for paper cutting.  Watch this space for more papercut 'masterpieces' to come!

Have you ever wanted to try a craft?  What was it and how did you get started?


pinkundine said...

Ah, so cool. If only you were still in London - I have a friend who does papercutting workshops (as well as screen printing and lino printing - more crafts for you to try maybe?!)

Deborah Patrick said...

Thanks for helping me find my feet! So cuuute! Great crafting there!

Thanks for linking up with this weeks Mad Mid Week Blog Hop! xx

Emma Berry said...

Screen printing and lino printing are definitely on my list!!! Screen printing would be awesome! It all happens in London damn it!! X

Emma Berry said...

Thanks Deborah and thanks for hosting, I'll be checking back next week for sure! E x