Tuesday, 4 June 2013

A Whole Lotta Love.....

It is a truth universally acknowledged (albeit, if the universe consisted of me, my other half and a legion of First Aid Kit fans), that Sweden is where it's at!  Not only does it boast a certain flat-pack furniture empire, a storming music scene (the aforementioned 'Kit, Lykke Li and Euro-sensation Robyn) and significant man-candy points (Al Skarsgard); it seems to know its stuff when it comes to footwear...in the form of Lotta from Stockholm traditional clogs!

Being a short-hat, at a mere 5"2, the warmer climes can present something of a dilemma in terms of footwear, especially for those of us whose style edges more towards the 'vintage inspired' end of the fashion spectrum.  Season after season there are hundreds of gladiators, brogues and wedges that do not compliment my seasonal knee-length dress addiction, neither do they compliment my fear of looking 'short and dumpy'.  We've done pumps to death and our underfeet have all suffered with the iconic Topshop nude ballerinas and skinny jeans combi.  

On the other hand, when I'm looking for something to give me a 'lift', heels and fashion and I are no longer seeing eye to eye.  That is, I no longer see eye to eye with the skyscraper heels and wedges that tower above me! It has taken me nearly 29 years to admit it, but there are some shoes that really are just designed to look beautiful.

After endlessly trawling the Internet for a 'go-between' stylish sandal with an innoffensive heel that doesn't make me trot like Bambi on ice, I stumbled across Swedish clogs.  Fashionista Blogs are going crazy for them, Office are stocking Swedish Hasbeens AND Lotta from Stockholm exists!

A Swedish native, now living in the UK, Lotta has built up her brand from her own fascination with clogs back in the 70s.  And there is no better time that now to invest in a pair with the strong 70s revival trend back again for Summer.  Not only that but at prices starting at £52.50 with free UK delivery on offer, they are some of the most reasonable clogs on the market

I bought a pair of cherry red peep toe clogs, with a 7cm heel they are the perfect height for walks with the pram and they compliment almost every outfit, including my skinnies and kneelength dresses.  With a wooden sole, I wasn't expecting them to be as instantly comfortable; the ergonomic design of the sole feels amazing, not to mention you feel as if you are walking 'properly'!  Finally, a perfect blend of style, femininity and practicality.  A triumph for women everywhere!  Head to their website to check out the various styles and colours....you can thank me later!


megandgosia said...

I'm seriously considering getting myself some clogs as I am sick of soles dying within six months. Are they comfortable for sustained wear?

Emma Berry said...

Hi! I think so! They're a really comfortable height for longer walking, though I did get a tiny bit of rubbing on my heel when I first had them! Think that's just the nature of the leather! These have definitely been the answer to my problems! They're well made so I think you would get your wear out of them! X