Thursday, 27 June 2013

Peachy's Top 5 Celebs We Wish We Were Friends With....

Just for fun!  Well, we can all dream can't's this month's top 5!

5. Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor

Feisty model cum DJ Atlanta, not only gains hundreds of kudos points for her edgy style and grungy attitude, to rival the Riot Grrrl movement of the 90s; she's also the offspring of all-time bass GOD John Taylor, of Duran Duran! Potential conversations would be a little like this:
E: 'Hi Atlanta'
A: 'Hi'
E: 'How's the modelling?'
A: 'Good'
E: 'How's the DJ-ing?'
A: 'Yeah, good'
E: ' love your Dad'. *'A' promptly hangs up phone*

4. Camilla 'Millie' Mackintosh

Millie did this, for all womankind
Poster girl for Bafta-winning guilty pleasure reality/unreality show Made in Chelsea.  Millie confirmed last week that she will be leaving the show to pursue her career, including her own YouTube make-up artistry channel.  The very picture of Chelsea sophistication, Millie is beautiful, has pins to die for and an immaculate sense of style.

But perhaps what we most love about her, is the unforgettable moment on MIC, in which, Millie finally took the reins and gave idiot posh-boy and world class David Brent lookalike, Spencer Matthews what-for with a massive slap around the chops.  In that moment alone, we all wished we had been her.  Millie, we want you on our side!

3. Deborah Ann Woll

The redhead, better known to most as Jessica (or 'Jeschka', as Stephen Moyer would say), the teenage vampiric tearaway from HBO's finest, True Blood, plays an unpredictable yet lovable and loyal character in TB. 

In real life, Deborah is even more of an inspiration, as she uses her celebrity status to raise awareness of a condition called Choroideremia, suffered by her boyfriend EJ Scott, which eventually results in blindness.  Fangs of steel, heart of gold, that's why Deborah belongs in the top 5.

2. Stacey Stewart

The beehive, the sixties dresses, the cakes.  Nobody says 'new best friend' more than Food Glorious Food's Stacey Stewart.  Much like myself, Stacey is self-styled in the wardrobe department as well as self-taught in the kitchen department; proof that a little self-discipline, and self-promotion can go a very long way.
Unique, talented and good for a chinwag over a steaming vintage teapot and a slice of Maple and Pecan cake!  Stacey and I could have mini bake-offs and hair-offs, plus I get the feeling she's a dab hand in the charity shop rummage department!  Enough said, Stacey Stewart joins the imaginery friend club!

1. Christina Hendricks 

Just when you thought the luscious Mad Men heroine couldn't get anymore inspiring - other than practically single-handedly bringing TV land to its knees with her curves, encouraging the re-evaluation of the fuller figured woman's representation in the media and being named 'The Body' - Hendricks KNITS!

Yes indeed, Hendricks forewards this wonderful
knitting book with tales of how she, along with her lucky friends, like nothing more than sitting around, knitting and gossiping.  Rumour has it, she takes her knitting bag on set at Mad Men HQ.  Could this woman be any more perfect?  Could we want to be her friend any more than we already do? No?  Thought not!  Well Christina, congratulations, your love of knitting awards you the top spot in the fickle world of imaginary celebrity friends!

Christina's Our Top Spot!

Agree or Disagree?  Who would you choose as your top 5 celebrities you wish you were friends with?


MissSparkles @ Sparkles and Stretchmarks said...

Great post! Is Atlanta's mother Amanda De Cadenet?

I'd have to have a think about who my top 5 celeb friends would be - I might do the post one day! I'll credit you of course :D

Emma Berry said...

Thanks! Yeah she is Amanda's daughter! Definitely looks like John! I'm a Duran Duran geek!

You should definitely do a post, I change mine all the time I'm sure I'll be updating them! X