Monday, 3 June 2013

Welcome To The House of Fun...

Once upon a time, a wise old 'Clever Clog' on Twitter was reported to have shared this gem of a tweet amongst his followers; 'The Internet called, it says it has enough Blogs now'. I laughed, then I moved on.

To Blog or Not To Blog?

Throughout my pregnancy, I was sometimes shocked at the level of negativity some of the motherly types I spoke to, about the impending change I was about to welcome to my life.  I was led to believe, by some, that there was little to no point in getting up in the morning, as life as you knew it would fade into oblivion; you would be left in a haze of oversized tees, baggy leggings and incessant screaming.  Daisy was born on March 14th, after two weeks of waiting, waddling to the nearest coffee shop and downing curries.  Life, as I had known it, became suddenly enriched.

I think this feeling of euphoria sealed my decision to set up Life is Peachy.  I thought I knew what to expect, I thought I would have no time for anything.  I had trawled through the internet, through working mums, stay at home mums, debating mums, sadly unhappy mums and decided that perhaps I wanted to put Motherhood in a purely positive light.  

Do Something Everyday...For You

When you become a Mother for the first time, the one thing you cannot be prepared for is the sheer amount of love and adrenalin you will wholly exist on.  Your world changes, your priorities change and you are suddenly facing each and every day with a tiny person whose constantly changing face and abilities will astound you.  There are times you will be tired, there are times you will be frustrated, but this always fades into insignificance when you consider what you have achieved.  Daisy is approaching the three-month mark and she's already insisting on standing when being held, she has developed a morbid taste for Lana Del Rey (just like her Mother) and loves nothing more than chatting and smiling away in her chair.  Those few things alone, personally, make it all worth it. 
As for me, the personality lobotomy I was so afraid of during those bleak, self-aware hours before I was commanded to 'push', it turned out, was nothing more than an urban myth.  I was proud to leave hospital the following day in a cheerful, if somewhat impractical, dress and tights.  I still found I had a borderline obsessive interest in music new and old, books, writing, fashion, crafting, baking, recipes, tattoos and I was still itching to try pastel hair.  In the end, the pastel was a short but much-loved moment of my peachy life.  I set about trying to do one thing every day that I enjoyed.  I read, baked and wrote my way through things I had been meaning to do for months and I created Life is Peachy to share these great things with you all, as I continue to grow, try new things and develop the sense of the word 'mum' that I am most comfortable with.  I'm lucky enough to have the support of the wonderful Mr Peachy, who loves nothing more than to Daisy-dote for an hour or two so I can type up my latest musings.  Everybody has different experiences, I feel I want to share mine through Life is Peachy And that, Mr C Clog,is why I believe there can never be enough Blogs. 

I hope, if nothing else, that Life is Peachy inspires others not to be afraid of losing their identity, to try new things and most of all, to be proud and comfortable in themselves.  Whether it's practicing a new craft, sharing a new recipe or daring to bear the wardrobe, Life is Peachy is a celebration of the creative parent, who challenges themselves and embraces all that they are post-birth.  Parents do wonderful things, but this should never be at the expense of losing all sense of themselves.  Life indeed feels Peachy, I hope you'll all agree... 

E x


Anonymous said...

Nice work! I too found I was bombarded with negativity when I was pregnant. Thank goodness I didn't believe them - my girl turned one last week and is a constant joy. Who cares if you're a bit tired?

I'm just about to start writing a collaborative novel and am thinking about various other challenges too. Lots of stuff to do but all very exciting. Bring it on!

Emma Berry said...

Nicely done Sue, I look forward to hearing more about your ventures? I was definitely shocked by the negativity and really feel women need to assert themselves and I'm so glad it's not just me who feels like that! Good luck with your challenges x

Danielle @ Motivating Mommy said...

I know that for me when I became a mother my mom told me to just not lose myself. I however got totally lost and lived only for my son (there is nothing wrong with loving your child) but I realized that I still had to have my own identity outside of being my son's mother. I started blogging to rediscover who I was. Great Post!