Monday, 1 July 2013

Bad Bad Things: A Review of Bad Bad Me's 'Always and Never'

I love nothing more than finding new bands to listen to.  With something of a varied taste in music; from metal to motown, blues to classic pop, if it gets me, it gets me.  So I jumped at the chance to review the new EP 'Always and Never' by Lake District-based Blues Singer, Jim Wade, AKA Bad Bad Me.

'Always and Never' is a collection of rough blues guitar songs with a raw edge, but a 'singalong' quality.  The opening track, 'All or Nothing', picks up the pace immediately with a catchy chorus and a hint of Americana in its production Not stopping for a moment, the second track, or snippet, 'Another Number' sets a much darker, more sombre and quiet tone, though not for long as 'For The Last Time' brings the tempo right back up with roaring vocals and more tales of bluesey-woe.  The EP ends with 'Loose Lips Sink Ships', another filthy but catchy number that brings us right back to the upbeat tone of the opening track.

All four tracks on 'Always and Never' showcase Bad Bad Me's range of vocal ability and punchy lyrics.  It took me several listens to work out who his voice reminded me of. There is a hint of Cobain's painful beauty in his voice, tinged with elements of his Northern dialect.  I would even suggest a sprinkling of early Gomez at some points during 'All or Nothing'.  But Wade's voice has a somewhat unique timbre to it; clearly influenced by classic blues, but his music and subject matter speak very very much of the now.  Bad Bad Me has adopted the ever-popular 'storyteller' vibe in his music and made it truly his own.

To say I was impressed with 'All or Nothing' is an understatement.  I loved the range of tones, the signature abrupt endings to his songs that have a tendency to leave you wanting more (intentional or not) and the catchy riffs of his music make the perfect soundtrack to an evening BBQ or warming up at a festival.  

'Always and Never' is available for purchase from Spotify, Amazon and iTunes and I would THOROUGHLY recommend buying a copy, I predict big things for this lad!

You can also catch Bad Bad Me playing on the Woodlands Stage at Kendal Calling at the end of July - more information here -->

He will be appearing at Talk of the Town in Manchester on 10th August and Salford Music Festival in September.  MY question is, will he be heading to Nottingham anytime soon?

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