Thursday, 11 July 2013

Hans Zimmer Meets Pop Rock: The Barnum Meserve

The Barnum Meserve, a three piece pop/rock band from Nottingham, have kept their latest album release very close to their chests of late - so when I was given exclusive access to their new album, I jumped at the chance to review it.

The Barnum Meserve consist of Leon Wiley, Dylan Griffiths and Paul Moss-Pearce and, whilst I can probably make several comparisons to rock/pop and tuneful metal acts of the past; they have a very distinct and haunting sound that certainly wouldn't sound out of place in a stadium or arena.  I, however, had the pleasure of catching them live last year when they shared the bill in a small Derby venue with my beau.  I really enjoyed their performance, but the album brings their songs to life with beautiful use of orchestra accompaniment, soaring introductions (War Games was an instant favourite of mine) and the musical fullness of each song was something to really take in.

The tracks 'Open Up Your Eyes' and 'Colours' were real stand out tracks for me.  Wiley's strong and definite vocals really tear at the piano melodies whilst the subtle harmonies and quiet moments weave in seamlessly.  The Barnum Meserve hit you with the power and passion of musical outfits like Dry The River (my faves) and combine Wiley's full throttle angry vocals and haunting melodies like very early Evanescence or later, more commercial Nine Inch Nails.  If you like your metal with melody, your rock with rhythm and your punk with passion, The Barnum Meserve are for you.

All in all, the entire album has been carefully crafted to showcase The Barnum Meserve in their very best and most comfortable light.  There are moments where you feel as if you are listening to an epic film sountrack, others where you could be kicking back at Download festival.  Either way, these guys are crying out to be heard in a stadium and this album may just bring them the international acclaim they so long for.

You can catch the Barnum Meserve, if you're lucky enough to live in Nottingham, tomorrow night (July 12th) performing at The Rescue Rooms.  Information on the gig is here -->

For more information on The Barnum Meserve, check out their website here -->


Catrina said...
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Trina Hatchie said...

I checked out their site, I really enjoy the haunting sound. Too bad they won't be around here. :(

Emma Berry said...

Maybe they will one day Catrina! We need to get them lots of airplay and get them invited! They are truly great! X