Friday, 26 July 2013

Friday's Kitchen: Easiest Ever Chocolate Mousse

I love to make dinner for our friends!  I'm not one for huge soirees and canapes for 8, but there is nothing better than a couple of friends gathering around the dinner table and summing up their week over a traditional roast!

So, on Friday's Kitchen today, I thought I would share with you my foolproof recipe for chocolate mousse.  A sweet and light dessert for chocoholics everywhere who don't have time to whip up a time-consuming 'wow-factor' dessert!  This is guaranteed to work for you and your guests!  What's more?  There are only 5 ingredients needed - no need to break the bank!


50g Dark Chocolate (melted)
50g White Chocolate (melted)
2 Eggs (separated)
2 tbsp Caster Sugar
25g Butter (melted)

To create the bottom dark chocolate layer, separate one egg and put into two bowls.  Melt your dark chocolate over boiling water on the hob and add this to the egg yolk when melted.
In a separate saucepan , melt about half of your butter and add to the chocolate mix.

Whisk your egg white until they are thick and starting to form peaks.  Add the caster sugar to the egg white and continue to whisk until the mix is stiff and peaks easily.  Fold into the chocolate mixture until fully combined.  Pour into two decorative ramekins/glasses/dishes and place in the fridge.

Complete exactly the same method with your white chocolate.  When ready, remove your chilling dishes from the fridge and pour the white chocolate mixture over the top – return to the fridge for about 1-2 hours until ready to serve.

Servie with whipped cream or just on its own.  It works as a great base for adding more ingredients - a raspberry coulee, fresh fruit or a hint of hazlenut praline!

Have a wonderful weekend and, as ever, if you do give this recipe a go - why not upload your results on to the Facebook page HERE

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