Monday, 29 July 2013

Let Me Introduce...Scrapunzel

In my books, anyone who describes their Twitter location as 'Twirling in the Midlands' is someone I can get on board with.  Add to the mix a constant timeline of cheer and rainbow-coloured, unique designs and ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce Scrapunzel.

Scrapunzel, AKA Niccy, is a truly one of a kind designer, creating beautiful and original clothing that wouldn't look out of place on a fantasy film set. 
Think fairy tales, think Lord of the Rings and think ethereal; there you have a little slice of the Scrapunzel pie!

Growing up without a TV, Niccy developed a great love of crafting and learnt how to both construct and deconstruct garments.  A strong talent you might say, but it wasn't until researching the alternative clothing industry that she found she could bring a niche to the market.  Concerned with both the environment and the problems the industry faced with sizing, Scrapunzel was born - selling handmade festival style clothing to suit all.  And to top all that, she uses locally sourced fabric as much as she can.  Her designs are based on clothes that she likes to wear and how she likes to wear them, you can't get more honest than that for a clothing brand.

Just a browse at Scrapunzel's website is a joy!  There are plenty of rainbow colours, pointed hoods, flared skirts and rustic patchworks to feast your eyes on.  Everything about Scrapunzel's collections screams 'experimentation and nurture'; if I didn't know better I would almost believe these beautiful garments had grown and flourished themselves.

What I find most inspiring about Scrapunzel, aside from the fact that she clearly loves all things Scandinavian as much as I do, is that she is completely self-taught and has managed to develop such brilliant skills for her business.  Much like Vivienne Westwood, who is a huge inspiration for Scrapunzel, she has had no formal training has developed a unique and beautiful style in a very organic way. 

Check out Scrapunzel's website here --> 

Why not give her a follow on Twitter too to keep up with the latest news: @Scrapunzel 


Katherine Frazier said...

What a cute blog! So creative! I love the whole "Twirling in the midland"!
~Kat |

Gude @HodgePodgeCraft said...

Ooooh, I already follow Scrapunzel (who I totally imagine to be a very stylish fairy)! ;)

Emma Berry said...

Thanks Kat! There was no way I couldn't feature Scrapunzel and her twirling! Great woman! X

Emma Berry said...

She's fab isn't she Gude! x