Monday, 22 July 2013

Let Me Introduce...Crafty Lil' Lel

Well, wedding fever is riding high at the moment (no, not my own); as my Best Friend is due to get wed next year and the planning HAS commenced!  I take my role as chief bridesmaid very seriously - so it was lovely to come across a small business, which has grown from the owner's own creativity, when it came to putting her wedding together.  Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce...Crafty Lil' Lel.

Crafty Lil' Lel, or Lesley Pamphilon Fox as she is known to her friends, dreamt up her card business after planning her own DIY wedding.  As Lesley and her beau were paying for their big day themselves, Lesley handmade as much as she could to make the day as affordable as she could. 

This set off her brainwave of creating beautiful, unique and affordable handmade cards, bags and gift tags for the masses.  Not one to be deterred from her already busy workload (Lesley helps to run the family business by day), she very much endorses her tagline 'where every card has its day', by creating designs for more unusual occasions from Twin Birthdays to Thank Yous for Teachers, something she feels we don't see enough of in the the commercial card market.

Taking her inspiration from magazines as well as ideas from her younger siblings, Lesley creates individual designs and never makes the same design twice.  She says whilst it is hard to pick out a best seller, her butterfly designs (much like the button butterfly opposite) are hugely popular, as everyone of any age loves to receive butterflies!  The most important ethos that she has built her business by, is ensuring that she creates cards that she would buy, therefore, appealing to a like-minded customer base.  Her latest collection, named 'Lel's Buttoned It', features a collection of designs with buttons.  Like this lovely card for a teacher.  After the success of her button-themed Christmas cards, this new collection revives her button designs in a new, colourful and unique way.


Whilst she enjoys running her card business and is proud to have seen it grow from its humble beginnings, Lesley says life as a small business owner can be challenging, often she works full weekends at craft fairs and this can leave little time for her social life.  Things don't seem to be slowing down though, as Lesley's cards have just been accepted to be sold in Realitas, a shop in Peterborough and she has plans to have her lovely creations sold in more independent retailers too!  No rest for the wicked, indeed!

If you are in need of cards, why not pop over to Lesley's site here --> and why not head over and give her Facebook page a like too, to be kept up to date with her latest designs and events, here -->

Crafty Lil' Lel can also be found on Twitter

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