Monday, 8 July 2013

Let Me Introduce...This is Lullaby

If you're anything like me, it's not just your own clothes shopping that can be a nightmare.  Sometimes I like to look for really individual little things for Little D and that's where my love of small, handmade businesses come in.  Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce the lovely Vicky from This is Lullaby to you!   

This is Lullaby, is a unique business selling handmade children's clothing from vintage and upcycled materials.  Vicky set up the business in May 2012, when her daughter, Lucie, turned one year old and she has not looked back! 

Inspired by her own love of making, sewing and breathing new life into old fabrics, Vicky's business is an extension of a 'hand-me-down' tradition and she uses her talent to bring unique and individual products to the children's clothing market.  Vicky designs the majority of patterns herself, though on some she does modify existing patterns to suit her designs.  The only downside to making such beautiful clothes is that she gets a lot of adults saying, 'I want that in my size'.  After flicking through her shop on Etsy, I am quite happy to join them!
Just look at this beautiful dress she made, made from beautiful vintage florals!  I'm envious of Lucie's wardrobe!

Although based in the UK, This is Lullaby's majority of custom comes from the US, who are in love with her classic styling and use of more unusual and traditional fabrics.  Her use of lovely fabrics such as Herringbone and Tweed, make her quite the go-to business for more formal children's clothing such as Christening or wedding outfits. 

Vicky's designs really stand out as she does not use children's fabrics (though Lucie would love to be head to toe in Peppa Pig), I'm wondering if she might branch out to adult clothing too?!  This is Lullaby caters for clothing aged 0-24months and prices start from £7.00 for a bib through to about £25.00 for a lovely dress.

In short, Vicky loves what she does.  Everything is made by hand at her home in Manchester and she is (rightly) proud of setting up her business and makes a point of stressing the importance of celebrating every small success along the way.  Running a hands-on business with a toddler running about must take it's toll, but overall, Vicky loves being her own boss and the opportunity to introduce and sell her designs to another country has been a real positive.  

In the future, Vicky would like to see This is Lullaby gain more customers in the UK and she has plenty of product ideas developing right now that she wants to roll out in the near future.  What is so interesting about talking to Vicky, is that she is so keen to keep improving her ideas and products as her business develops.  I'm predicting big things for this brand, Vicky certainly caters for my type of 'mum' shopping - unique, with a little bit of history.

You can view Vicky's Etsy shop here --->
While you're at it, why not give her a like on her Facebook page too!


pinkundine said...

Do you remember Hayley Ferguson from school? She has a page on facebook - The Lost Button - that I think you'd like. Some of the fabrics and dresses she makes look right up your street :)

Emma Berry said...

Ah I remember! Thanks Nat I'll check it out! She did you illustration too for your book? X