Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Kickstarting Business: Waffly Nice

Kickstarters and Crowdfunding projects are of the utmost interest to me.  I think it's a fantastic way of the public getting involved with starting up and sponsoring small businesses and really gives that sense of community I so long for!  I am currently in the early stages of planning a Crowdfunding project myself - information on that to follow in a few weeks!

As a major foodie, how could I not dedicate a post to the lovely Sam and Liz, of Waffly Nice, who emailed me with details of their Crowdfunding project for their food project?  The lovely couple, pictured here,
are big fans of creative food and had a dream to share their passion and creativity with their hometown community of Canterbury, not to mention, the world!  Encouraged by friends and family, they decided to unleash their ideas for a waffle van to dominate soggy sandwiches and boring lunches!  Unfortunately, due to a lack of funding opportunities in the United Kingdom, they decided to turn to the idea of Crowdfunding to raise money for their outside eaterie, Waffly Nice.  I love food, I love waffles and I love communities - these people might as well by my new best friends!  I urge you to take a moment to read about Waffly Nice's Crowdfunding Project here -

What really struck me, when talking with Liz, was the 'food with a conscience' ethos that both her and Sam seem to share in their business.
Whilst the pair dream big, a fleet of waffle vans here, a friendly waffle cafe there, a dreamy cookbook to top it all; they are conscious of the impact they want to have on society and have pledged not only 10% of their profits, but also as much time as they can spare to a local charity.  They want their potential investors to be just that, investors in their business who retain some sort of power over the direction the business eventually takes; helping to shape its long-term future and, most importantly, contributing to the local community.  I have it on good authority that 'badass merchandise' will also be in plentiful supply to Waffly Nice's investors.  Need I say more?

Having overcome many obstacles, Waffly Nice still needs OUR support and has recently just relaunched.  Waffly Nice has received lots of local interest, but need to raise funds for materials, equipment, set up of the Waffly Nice website and a marketing campaign.  I have been given exclusive rights to publish this mock-up of the proposed van - soon to be hitting a market square near you.
So do not delay in giving a little of your support where you can - help the lovely Waffly Nice guys fulfil their dreams and give back to their community!

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